Some Biological Implications
Of the Giertz Shift

Edward F. Block IV, PhD
August 2012
Updated 25 January 2015


This article discusses a few of the implications concerning the nature of the cellular metabolism of normal, healthy living tissue of multicellular animal organisms that the Giertz shift effect, due to conditions of infection and such conditions as cancer, has revealed. Dr. Hans Giertz published a paper in the Journal of Atmospheric and Solar-Terrestrial Physics 72 (2010) 767-773. ( entitled "Extremely Low Frequency Electromagnetic Energy In The Air". This work detailed the results of his Doctoral research. His work reveals that the air contains electromagnetic energy of extremely low frequency, low amplitude and low phase speed. The complete article, and not just the abstract, may be found here: He states that this energy is of great interest because of its impact on certain biological processes. It is created by the interaction of 2 well known phenomena: 1. The rotation of the earth generates 24-hour periodic currents in the magnetosphere, known as the Birkeland currents. These currents generate transverse electromagnetic waves (EM waves) that propagate parallel to the geomagnetic field lines of the Earth. 2. The air and the Earth's crust contain electrons caused by the global electric circuit. The electric field vectors of the EM waves exert a force on these electrons that causes them to oscillate and thus generate currents of extremely low frequency, both in the air and in the earth's crust. A theoretical model of the system was presented and measurement techniques were described. Measurements were performed during a six year period. The results of the performed measurements verified his theoretical model.


Some implications on biological processes follows. Giertz found that, whether alive or dead, matter derived from healthy living multicellular entities, plant or animal, always resonated at 4.55 Hz, the frequency of the Birkeland currents. This fact gives credence to the claims of Yoga concerning the role of "Prana", i.e., the Birkeland currents, in living entities. The same may be said for the role of "Kong Chi" as described by Traditional Chinese Medicine. The originators of these 2 traditions were aware of the effect that the Birkeland currents have upon life and living processes. It is the belief of Dr. Giertz that it is protein that captures the currents and allows them to be utilized for biological processes. Both protein and nucleic acid complexes are present in living and dead multicellular tissue. The nature of the interaction of the Birkeland currents with components of biological architecture and housekeeping & regulatory processes within the living cell needs to be elucidated.

The Giertz shift is the result of infection within the living entity that results in a shift at the locus of infection from the normal, healthy frequency of tissue from 4.55 Hz to that of either (+) or (-) 0.76 Hz or both, that is either 3.79 Hz or 5.31 Hz or both. Dr. Giertz also discovered that cancerous tissue resonated at 3.03 Hz instead of the normal, healthy 4.55 Hz. Dr. Giertz is able to locate within the human torso, the 3D locus of infection or cancer to within 1 cm. The equipment to do this feat is not at all complicated and inexpensive to produce.

The differences in Birkeland currents utilization by the various entities that cause infection within the human body need to be worked out. The first question might be why there is a difference in frequency utilization by microorganisms from that of multicellular organisms. Is this due to differences in architecture, metabolism or stored components? Are there differences in frequency utilization by bacteria, protozoa and fungi and if so, what are they? Recent published research suggests that regulatory DNA switches may be implicated,

Dr. Giertz in this article,, describes the interaction of living organisms with the currents in the air and the crust of the Earth. This is his abstract of that article: Organisms, ranging from virus to humans are influenced by one and the same dynamic electromagnetic process. The process is described by two equations and one organism specific constant. These equations describe the electromagnetic interaction between humans and pathogens. They describe the electromagnetic influence from molecular substances found in some drugs, sweeteners and preservative as well as the electromagnetic influence from electronic equipments. These two equations describe how diseases and pathogens are analyzed; etiology, diagnose as well as anatomical localization. They also describe how pathogens are killed, i.e. novel management of infectious diseases.

Consequently, the implications upon the theories of the evolution of life upon the Earth's crust will need to be worked out in regards to the Birkeland currents utilization and any shifts from the 4.55 Hz norm that may be found in the microorganisms, flora and fauna resident through the epochs found in fossil material. The utilization of the Birkeland currents by living entities must have been very early in the evolution of living entities since both plant and animal tissues resonate at 4.55 Hz. Is this frequency indeed the frequency of normal, healthy multicellular life?


The discovery of the Birkeland currents and their utilization by living entities has opened a new chapter is scientific research and investigation. Few new discoveries in the Biological sciences have the wide impact on future investigations that the discovery of the Giertz shift is going to make in furthering the fields of Biophysics, Cellular Physiology and Medicine.

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