Biomagnetic Resonance

Edward F. Block IV, PhD
June 2020


In the process of practicing the Art of Meditation for more than 70 years, the author has recognized that he is able to directionally be aware of changes in the magnetic flux of the immediate environment within which he practices the meditative state. The magnetic fluctuations accompanying phonons released during contractive and expansive friction due to the heating up and cooling down of the structural walls of his dwelling are but 1 instance.(1) Another is the turning on, running and turning off of the refrigerator within his apartment, both noisy and also the result of electromagnetic phenomena. Many times while the refrigerator is running or just after it has stopped running, there will be a number of sudden changes in state from a liquid to a gas that results in the release of phonons and accompanying changes in magnetic flux. This article will explore, describe and discuss the possible natural ability of the human central nervous system to become aware of changes in the magnetic flux encountered in the environment originating from various sources and thus be able to detect what may be called a Biomagnetic Resonance.


It has been determined that consciousness within the human brain is both an electromagnetic (neuro-physiological electrical activity) and magnetic (accompanying thought processes) phenomena.(2) This is the basis of empathic and subjective feelings in human relationships of all manner. This is especially true of those people called sensitives and those that are very closely mentally bonded as individuals. It is also noted that those of righthandedness (determined by the spinal cord during fetal development)(3) and dominant left brain thinking are more in tune with linear thinking processes and involved with "things" as a conscious state. Those that are left handed seem then to be more in tune with recessive right brain thinking and as such are more in tune with wholistic thinking and with interpersonal processes and interactions. These are generalizations but are in the main valid statements.(4) Much research has been conducted regarding this concept since inception in the 1960s.

The dream state of humans is subject to many interpretations. While the left brain in very involved in conscious activity in right-handed persons, the right brain is very involved in supposedly unconscious activity. It is the realization that while in the quasi-sleep/awake state, the author has recognized and realized that 2 phenomena occur regularly. One is that, for the author, the body talks to the consciousness of the author routinely about what is going on within the physical body through readily perceivable symbolism. The other is that the soul of the author is interacting with the soul(s) of other human entities encountered in everyday living experiences and conducting mutually experiential interactions while in the dream state. This allows for a working interaction that playes out in the unconscious state and does not necessarily equate to any interaction in the conscious physical realm. For the author these interactions are mostly pleasant but sadly some very few are not so enjoyable.

The point being made here is that the phenomena being described is posited as entirely biomagnetic in nature and this is the basis of so-called telepathy. However, being sensitive to biomagnetic phenomena is in itself a dubious activity. This is because of the copius amount of existing biomagnetic phenomena in our everyday living environment caused by both organic and non-organic sources. However, for the author, direct word to word identification is not consciously possibe but only the intent and subjective feeling of the other person is cognizant. This intunement of conscious and unconscious resonant biomagnetism shows that there is a great deal of selective ability that is able to tune out un-desired biomagnetic and physical magnetism. The sharing of dream state experiences is however very likened to watching a moving picture show in nature, both in sound and sight, as the phenomenon unfolds in activity. In all cases, becoming awake means prefrontal cortex predominance and thus immediately stopping the dream-state phenomenon activity which appears to be hind-brain and temporal lobe in local residence.(5)

In the Greek pantheon of Gods, Mercury is always pictured wearing a helmet that possess wings opposite either side above the ears. (6) To the author, this is a pictoral representation of the fact that people emit, tune into and receive biomagnetic flux from interaction with other persons via the temporal lobe of the brain while awake and conscious (for sensitives) or while asleep and unconscious (for the rest of us), in the main with all manner of various instances according to emotional and mental state.


What follows is the result of the experience of over 70 years of the practice of the Art of Meditation by the author.

At this point in my life, I am very much almost always in some type of meditative state that very much depends upon how much my beingness needs to pay attention to my immediate environment. Consequently, it is very easy for me to focus my attention and be social while interacting with other persons, drive my vehicle or type at my computer. I am fortunate enough that I have so few distractions and thus am able to monitor my diet, get enough exercise and live an active life. In the background of that, I am very aware of the internal state of my entire physical body, my emotional state and my mental state.

During my meditative practce, I am able to rapidly enter into a state of awareness that allows me to be cognizant of my entire physical beingness and my internal milieu. It seems as if my beingness is centered within my mid-brain and all else is in more or less discrete arenas surrounding this center of beingness. I sense my 2 brain hemispheres in equal ability. Within these 2 hemispheres, I also sense the fore-brain and hind-brain arenas with 4 discrete entities. Beside the 2 hemispheres I sense then what is most likely the 2 temporal lobes of the brain. They seem to be sub-sets of the 2 hemispheres. I will note here that if I will allow a pictural representation of the 2 co-ordinated hemispheres to be expressed, it seems to be that of a Cyrillic letter which represents in North American English (NorAm) the letter of "J". Thus, a bold short line attached by a cross-bar to an ellipse. The bold short line represents the left hemisphere. The cross-bar represents the corpus callosum and the ellipse is the right hemisphere. Orientation is horizontal to the surface of the Earth. The short bar is linear and the ellipse is wholistic in representation as to generalized thought processes.

The fore-brain bundles that give focus to all of human expression and thereby directs all subsequent activity by the fore-brain as to all conscious voluntary movent after making a decision is very dominant within all of the brain arenas. This is why remembering dream state experiences is so difficult as the conscious brain is immediately directed to survival mode in the immediate environment and this seems to debilitate the midbrain from forming any long-term memories of events that did occur in the dream state.

Behind the mid-brain is a feeling of the arena that may be ascribed to the basal ganglia and the cerebellum. Here resides much of what may be described as the unconscious phenomena that gets anchored into the physical body. This is the location to be aware of when monitoing the "up-tightness" of the physical body. The emotional state of the mid-brain makes itself evident into the hind brain, causes unconscious stimulation in the fore-brain and this gets stuck in the cerebellum as a muscle tightening and "armoring" event in voluntary muscle. Thus, most beginning meditation address the clearing of these unconscious clenches and relaxing the physical body. This is also why when learning the Art of Meditation, one moves from walking meditation to standing meditation to sitting meditation and at last to corpse pose. The body will be completely relaxed in corpse pose. While in sitting meditation, it is a very good technique to start to enter the meditative state after going through the entire physical body to determine and area that need healing, relaxing or energy balancing. This is to be able then to completely balance the arena of the cerebellum and gain a deeper access to the higher brain arena levels.

At last, while in a completely balanced, stable and aware state of beingness, one is able then to feel as a completeness within your beingness that is able to instantly move to any perception as needs be. In this state you will be able to determine magnetic phenomena entering your body-field, the direction from which it originated and something of its, for lack of a better term, "quality". Especially if it is of a physical/mechanical or of a biomagnetic origin. It is also of interest to note that certain arenas of the brain seem to be affected by different efferent magnetic phenomena in differing sensitivity. These affects are transient but it is to be noted that those persons working around the mechanical aspects within the magnetic field of energized motors appear to have shortened lifespans.(7)


Biomagnetic resonance within the central nervous system is a real and natural phenomenon that may be discovered, exercised and experienced in regards to both personal and interpersonal relationships.



Journal Of Informational Medicine