Useful Conceptual Constructs
In The Clinical Application
Of Informational Medicine

E. F. Block
May 2011


This work will detail some useful ideas concerning the practice of healing methodologies used in a clinical setting. I do not care what you call yourself as a clinician; these concepts will assist your honing of skills and getting a handle on the "feel" of your practice.

The point of this work is to assist others in gaining a better understanding of the nature of the various therapeutic modes in use to alleviate dis-ease and their effectiveness in doing so. Along with this is a description of intimately personal details that one needs to be aware of and facile with in becoming an effective clinician. The most important and indeed key aspect to effective clinical practice is to utilize the mode that returns the body to optimal efficiency while causing the least damage while doing so. If it works - use it!

Discussion: Causes of Dis-ease

In general, there are only 2 types of dis-ease causes: direct and indirect. Direct types deal with active physical trauma from whatever source. Indirect types deal with causes passively encountered from the environment. Active types include accidental injury and assaults from other organisms. After all, it is a jungle out there and there are organisms seeking to feed off of some aspect of your physical body and/or use your physical body for shelter. Passive types include changes in weather & season, geopathic stressors, electromagnetic stressors, toxins, disharmonious interpersonal interactions and improper diet, thoughts & emotions. Perhaps you might even think of the active causes to be either trauma from outside of yourself and trauma due to your own ego involvement. However, some phenomenon has caused a disruption in the smooth flow of energy through the body and body-field of a person that eventually results in the display of signs & symptoms by the patient. It is up to you the clinician to assist the gaining of harmony and balance for your patient and the elimination of their state of dis-ease.

Discussion: Medical Schemas

Personal philosophic outlook of life will determine the designation of healthcare practitioner that you will be able to call yourself according to the laws of the Township, County, State, Nation and the protocols of the determiners of Certification for your particular calling.

Speaking from the viewpoint of the personal experience of the author, there are those professions as US and then there is THEM. This is a political designation that is the result of active persecution by members of the American Medical Association and their cronies in offices of power that write and pass the laws of the land. THEM are Medical Doctors. Us are everyone else - Naturopaths, Homeopaths and Acupuncturists, mostly. Notice the absence of Osteopaths and Chiropractors. These professions have aligned themselves with the enemy - MDs. MDs want the ill person to be only THEIR exclusive commodity.

The AMA uses the specter of science to discredit all medical schemas that do not adhere to their agenda of surgical and biochemical intervention. The AMA has in the past and still does demonize any type of Informational Medicine. Why do you think that the cost of medical intervention as prescribed by the AMA is so high? It is because most medical doctors want to be rich! The USA is the only country in the world where an MD makes a living that can be greater than the middle-income bracket! They are truly interested in making money at the expense of the patient and the taxpayer. On the other hand, the Naturopath, the Homeopath and the Acupuncturist are truly interested in the patient first and making money secondarily. US want to make a fair living while ministering to humanity.

If you are injured in an accident or altercation, by all means go to a hospital. If you contract a life threatening bacterial or fungal infection, got o a hospital. If you pay attention to your body and want to stop any predation early, go to US instead. The result will be just as good, the cost will be less (most likely you will have to pay out of pocket since the AMA and the healthcare insurers have made certain that US remains outside of the lucrative Medicare pipeline) and very likely more effective with fewer traumas caused by the result of AMA sanctioned medical intervention, like un-necessary surgeries and harmful pharmaceuticals.

The key to gaining an understanding of any healing intervention is to know unequivocally that a shift in energy within the body always precedes the alteration of biochemistry and physiology! The members of the AMA vehemently deny this fact while their own studies show that patients tend to heal no matter what the therapeutic intervention that the doctor applies. Intent is a very powerful aspect of Informational Medicine and is a part of the placebo phenomenon. If you correct the cause of the energy shift, the body will heal itself. Please read the preceding Journal presentations to gain the understanding on the truth of the above statement. Naturopathy is based upon the premise that the body will heal itself if you give to it the tools derived from natural sources (usually herbal) to do so and help it to clean up the leftover mess. Homeopathy is based upon the premise that the body will heal itself if you provide the tools to harmonize energy flows within the human body-field (HBF). Acupuncture is based upon the premise that the body will heal itself if you provide an injection of animal-magnetism to specific points to release or augment energy flow within the HBF. Oriental Medicine (mostly herbal) works on the same premise as Naturopathy. All the above is done according to the signs & symptoms displayed by the patient and changes according to the shift in signs & symptoms as the disease process moves to re-harmonization of the HBF.

The ravages to the body as the result of parasitism can be mild to life threatening. Effects range according to the type of parasite that invades the physical structure of the body as well as to effects that they may have on the overall HBF - both aspects need to be considered in order to effectively complete a therapeutic intervention that actually works. There is no denying that some modern pharmaceutical interventions seem to work more quickly and more effectively than appropriate herbal formulations for the same conditions. This is certainly true for metazoan (flatworm and roundworm) parasites. For certain life threatening metazoan infections, a surgical intervention may indeed be necessary. The ability to choose the best therapeutic intervention according to the condition of the patient takes precedence above all. Set your ego aside and do what is best for the patient.

Discussion: Personal Professional Affairs

  1. "Cleanliness is next to Godliness" (

    Personal hygiene is important in order to present an acceptable body odor, mouth odor and overall physical appearance. However, this also applies to being in the clinic while in a state of ease. If you are at all ill, do not treat your patients. This is difficult to do for some contagious infectious diseases such as the flu since you are contagious before you begin to display signs & symptoms (S&S). Always wash your hands well before and after treatment. This is to both reduce the burden of transmissible microorganisms and debris as well as to eliminate any disharmonious energies from your HBF that you may have picked up. The disharmonious energies that are attached to your hands are then grounded by the water as it goes down the drain. This means that it will not enter your overall HBF and cause disease and it will not be passed on to your next patient. The incorporation of the disharmonious energies from your patients is what is the cause of "burn out" among healthcare providers. Most people do not know how to ground themselves. Dr. Anton Mesmer recognized this phenomenon and developed the "Baquet" in order to assist his patients without depleting his own "animal magnetism" and getting ill. Go to this web page in order to learn how to ground yourself adequately -

  2. Learning to Dowse or using EAV

    In order to complete your therapeutic protocol, you will need to monitor the progress of your ministrations by dowsing the HBF of your patient to locate the areas of disharmonious energy flows and blockages. Go to the bottom of this web page to view the protocol of the author -

    Dr. Voll found that he needed to prepare the treatment room in order to achieve an effective treatment intervention. Dr. Voll pioneered the use of electro-acupuncture ( ). All of his equipment needed to be adequately grounded and he personally needed to be balanced before treatment. EAV is a technical means of determining balance within the HBF.

    With either method that you use, dowsing or EAV, practice and experience are the keys to gaining useful facility, as with all human endeavors.

  3. Use of Medicinal Herbs

    Herbal preparations have been used since the times of foraging for foods in the environment. All well trained and experienced clinicians using herbal formulae are aware of the fact that the prescription of a wrong formula for the S&S of a patient will cause the S&S of disease that the formula is said to cure in the ill patient. This is what Dr Hahnemann noticed when he took a dose of quinine. Clinicians of herbal medicine in China for millennia have taught this phenomenon to novices in order to instill the need for excellent diagnostic and treatment skills. It is not in the best interest of the patient to have both an acquired disease and a disease caused by the clinician through wrong prescription at the same time.

    Since herbal medicines are acquired from nature, they are safe to use and have few if any side effects. This does not mean that some herbs are toxic in nature, just that they are used in an appropriate manner for the condition under treatment. Nature produces only laevorotatory compounds. Man-made compounds are of a racemic mixture of both laevo- and dextrorotatory structures. The biochemistry of the body, the enzyme cascades, is not able to process dextrorotatory compounds. Dextrorotatory compounds are excreted by the kidneys unchanged into the urine.

    Herbal formulae are designed to have few if any side effects; this is the purpose of the formula. The elements of the formulae address the issue of side effects to reduce them to negligible effect. Of paramount importance is the fact that the prescription of an herbal formula is done only as long as the patient displays S&S that the formula specifically is designed to combat. Food may be used as a treatment and in these cases certain foods do have clinical applications. Over-consumption of certain foods does cause disease. This fact is the cause of obesity, alcoholism and various food addictions.

    Modern day pharmaceuticals are racemic mixtures so roughly half of the compound is useless. Also, MDs seem to feel that it is OK to prescribe pharmaceuticals that address the side effects of the original prescription. Some patients are known to take as many as 20 pills at a time several times a day. MDs also seem to feel that some conditions require a certain prescription for life, regardless of the condition of the patient. In TCM, the formula prescribed is good for only as long as the patient exhibits the S&S that the diagnosis called for. Another prescription is prescribed for the new set of S&S according to the new diagnosis as the body goes through the various stages of the healing process.

  4. In order to gain confirmation of your choice in profession and the source of the "feel" for medical specialty or treatment mode, obtain your natal birth chart and glean the information available there. The natal chart is a source for a wealth of information that is very useful in determining the course of your studies and life goals. As you mature and experience the vagaries of Earthly existence, your appreciation of the content provided by a good interpretation will also mature.
  5. You are a person with an HBF. This HBF radiates and interacts with the HBF of other people. It is the nature of fields to interact and to exchange energies. As a clinician, it is not possible to smoothly interact with all persons all the time. Thus, you may not be able to successfully assist every person that comes through your door for treatment. Get over it and especially do not take it personally. This is the time to refer a patient.
  6. In my clinical practice, I decided to place the aspect of getting better acquainted with the patient in order to understand the processes at work within them above that of trying to run as many patients through my clinic as time would allow in any 1 day. In order to make a lot of money, this is what you would have to do. This does not allow for the adequate time necessary to learn the dynamics of what is occurring with your patients and the results of your ministrations.

Discussion: Therapeutic Modes

All therapeutic modes address to various degrees aspects of anatomy (gross & cellular), organ system physiology & function, tissues, cellular metabolism, blood & interstitial fluid biochemistry and components that go to make up the HBF. The S&S that a patient displays will be of an emotional, mental and physical nature. The emotional and mental aspects will always precede the physical with severity of disharmony S&S ranging from slight to life threatening. Before a treatment can proceed, first a diagnosis is determined in order to be able to chart the course of the intervention. The therapeutic mode employed will be determined by the diagnosis. The use of any and all the modes is appropriate. It is a very good idea to keep up to date with all of your Certifications!

  1. Mode: Mental and Emotional Counseling

    First of all, let me start off by saying that it does not take 10 years of therapy to assist someone in gaining a healthy emotional and mental perspective. The author has practiced counseling hypnotherapy since 1979 and all of my clients have achieved their goals within 5 sessions, regardless of the cause. Again regardless of the cause, all that needs to be accomplished is a release of blocked emotional or mental energy flow. Cleaning up the messy residue and stabilizing oscillations in the HBF come with teaching the client to perform certain meditative exercises. These exercises they are able to do on their own and only from time to time might need a tune-up until they are truly on their own, usually not more than a fortnight. In the years of clinical practice by the author, the greatest impediment to achieving stated goals by the patient is the lack of the ability to accept the reality of their predicament. Once the client objectively sees the nature of their issue and accepts the responsibility for their response to the initial trauma, it is relatively easy to assist them in establishing a new and more optimal behavioral expression. This is where the role of hypnotherapy is especially helpful - achieving objectivity and exploring strategies in dealing with the initial trauma. For more on this subject, go to this website:

  2. Mode: Nutritional Counseling

    People learn what to eat from their parents and later siblings and peers. In modern times it is also from TV commercials by companies that want you to buy their product in excess, regardless of the nutritional quality of their product! All refined foods are not good for your health. These foods predispose to the development of diabetes. Refined sugar directly causes the lowering of blood calcium that is then taken from bone and is a cause for the development of osteoporosis and loss of teeth. Where in nature do you find refined foods? Is the loss of health worth being lazy? Learn the skills necessary to take care of your physical, emotional and mental bodies!

    In addition, refined and processed foods are prepared in the factory where electrical motors are in use everywhere. Motors use and produce magnetic fields. These magnetic fields are not the same as those of the food substance that is derived from nature. The magnetic fields of motors are stronger than that of the foods being processed and impart to them adverse for health magnetic fields. The quality of the electrial magnetic fields as determined by the effects to living entities are not the same as those encountered in nature. These imparted adverse magnetic fields, then upon consumption, deplete the HBF of the person eating the food. This depletion of energy is especially of concern with babies and the elderly that have a weaker overall HBF.

    Thus counsel your patients to use staples, eliminate refined foods and to learn how to properly prepare foods to maximize health benefits. One idea is to eliminate frying and to grill meats. Also, steam foods rather than boiling them. Fresh foods are preferred and anyone can prepare, plant and tend a garden. Frozen foods are much better for your health than canned foods, especially canned meats. The exception seems to be canned fruits. Ask your patients to avoid using electrical equipment in the preparation of foodstuffs. Hand tools and a wood stove are best but one must be realistic about these things rather than idealistic to the extreme. Definitely do not use a microwave oven!

  3. Mode: Working with the HBF

    Learning to cultivate the use of "animal magnetism", or actually the use of bioscaler energies, through the understanding of the HBF is, for most people, not a simple task. Qi Gong ( ) is the basis for understanding the Chinese version of learning to use "life energies". This is also true of Aryuvedic medicine and the cultivation and use of Prana. In the West, this is the practice of Sorcery, the cultivation and use of bio-scalar energies ( ). Jargon notwithstanding, intent is everything!

    The laying on of hands is perhaps the most ancient form of "energy" work. Here, "animal magnetism" is used to smooth energy flow. Field blockages and areas of field depletion are rectified by the field projections from the hands and body of the "healer". This is the cause of depletion to the healer and takes a toll that needs to be replenished. These workers easily tend to get "burn out". This type of healing works very well for mental and emotional dis-eases. Depletion of energy/field due to physical trauma also benefits by the use of bioscalar energy. If a contagious disease is encountered soon enough, it also benefits. Many factors are involved that go to determine the success of any treatment.

    Therapeutic modes that you may encounter today work upon the HBF (other than "animal magnetism") and usually involve the use of a computer program controlled diagnostic and treatment protocol. All these techniques are based upon the pioneering work of Dr. Voll. The use of radionic equipment is related but not the same. With radionics, only intent is actually utilized. Diagnostic and treatment computer program controlled therapeutic modes supply minute electromagnetic energies to the patient according to the deficiencies or excesses encountered during the diagnosis segment. Work with the HBF may produce rapid improvement for acute diseases but for chronic diseases the time for the optimum return of health takes longer, according to how long the condition has been resident within the HBF. In all cases, perseverance prevails!

    One of the most difficult aspects concerning all aspects of healing is that of the length of time of debility. This is especially true for "Chronic" diseases. The body will resist the effects of disharmony for a time while working at less than optimum efficiency. According to the constitution of the body, finally some aspect of physiology will begin to be disrupted. How long was the energetic disharmony in effect? How long did the person make due with their physiology askew (and energy disharmony)? There is a direct relationship between the duration of onset of disharmony, the development of signs & symptoms of the person, their ability to marshall healing and the time that will be necessary for the return of optimum health. Every person is different but that time for recovery is about 1/3 the time for onset. Thus, if a cancer took 20 years for development into a mass, it will take roughly 6 years or so to recover completely. Healing always occurs in reverse order of onset but sometimes steps may be jumped over. Mental and emotional healing are very quick to happen as opposed to physical debilitation. This is the cause of many "miraculous" cures.

  4. Mode: Working with Parasitic Infections

    Please remember that the list of parasites extends from microorganisms like a Virus to insect phyla such as Bed Bugs or even some mammals like Vampire Bats. Ignorance of the causes of parasitism and the effective treatment thereof has been the bane of human existence since time immemorial. This is the reason that religious strictures dealing with diet are so prevalent. This is also one of the reasons for the development of various cooking modes. Certain food products like vinegar and alcohol were developed for use as medicines, antimicrobial agents and preservatives. The development of the germ theory has gone a long way in the fight against adverse microorganisms. Herbal formulae have been, are and continue to be effective agents in the war on all but the most intractable of parasites. TCM has a rich and effective usage history that was gained in clinical practice and passed on over thousands of years. Practitioners are only as good as their training and experience gained in treating patients in a clinical setting.

  5. Mode: Working with Physical Trauma

    The scale of physical trauma will determine the nature of the clinical intervention. Make sure that you have the relevant training and certifications before you treat a patient. Massage therapists and Body Workers are subject to burn out and need to closely monitor their HBF or they will eventually acquire the conditions of their patients. You will need to learn how to "ground" yourself and to get rid of any negative energy(s) that you will, not might, pick up through your hands from your patients. Remember that running water is a very good means for grounding.

Clinical Protcol For Monitoring & Harmonizing
The Human Body-Field

I have not yet found any suitable information concerning this topic online and thus I will describe the protocol that I use when treating a patient. My body-field is the instrument that I use to check the patient body-field and the pendulum that I use is the instrument that I use to check my sensitivity (dowsing). After the 30 minutes of acupuncture treatment, I will check the efficacy of the treatment and determine if there is any detectable body-field disharmony by dowsing with my pendulum. I make sure that I am well grounded within myself to the core of the Earth and centered in my body-field before I attempt to dowse. This will mean that I have sufficient experience and the techniques to accomplish this feat of total centered and grounded beingness. I then take my pendulum and start a scan with my personally determined neutral swing, in my case a to and fro swing from the center of my body. The patient is lying on their back with the arms not touching the body and the hands located to allow me to scan the whole arm. I start at the sole of the foot (either) and scan up the leg to the hip. Next I scan the other leg from sole to hip. Then I scan the trunk of the body up the mid-line from the crotch to the chin. I them move to the hip and scan from hip (either) to shoulder and then repeat on the other side. Next I scan in turn both arms from fingers to shoulder. Last is a scan of the head; from chin to the top and then from chin along the jaw to the ear and the side of the head. I repeat the scan for the other side of the head to complete the sequence.

If the patient has no disharmony, I will observe my neutral swing throughout the entire procedure. I scan slowly so that any disharmony will be evident at any particular location. The pendulum will begin to rotate, to the left or to the right, if my body-field will detect a disharmony in that of the patient. It matters not the spin orientation but I with intent counter the patient's swing by purposely rotating my pendulum in the opposite direction with an intuitively determined number of counter swings. At the time that I feel that a sufficient number of counter rotations has occurred, I remove the pendulum from the site to a distance away from the patient and allow my swing to become neutral again. I then approach the patient and scan the site of disharmony to test the efficacy of my treatment at that spot on the patient's body. If I am tuned in, there will be no rotation in the same direction as before but will remain neutral. If I have errored on the side of too little the same rotation will occur but in a diminished mode. If I have overcompensated, the rotation will be reversed. I adjust as needed to bring about the neutral swing with my pendulum. Throughout the entire process, I must remain grounded and centered. I complete the scan in entirety until no rotations are detected. This completes the protocol.

During the time that I am countering any spin that I detect in a body location from a patient, I visualize (with intent) my body-field energies creating an opposite spin to that encountered. The intensity of my projection needs to match the intensity of the spin detected in the patient. Also, the number of counter turns needs to match the intensity encountered. With practice, right-brain intuitive processes will tune you to this protocol and you will be able to smoothly complete the protocol in an appropriate manner - practice makes perfect!


The most important concept that I may convey to you the reader is to learn to be aware of the intuitive aspects of your consciousness. It is very helpful to learn to trust your intuition and make decisions accordingly. Secondly, you will become more in tune with all life around you the more that you practice working with your HBF. Together, these 2 aspects will assist your growth and development in understanding your place in clinical practice.

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