The Role of Coherent Resonance
in Human Affairs
Part Four - The Role Of Celestial Mechanics

E. F. Block
March 2011

Members of Celestial Influence Background

The main component of astrology is a causal description of personality due to the "influence" of celestial mechanics. Most of the background information presented in the previous 3 parts was to give a basis for the response to environmental cues by a human entity. Many people want to use astrology for the purposes of divination. This is not the purpose of astrology. Yes, astrology is based upon the cyclic nature of events in our environment. These cyclic events are the backdrop for and not the cause of directed behavior. People still have choice and may or may not "go with the flow". The stated purpose of astrology is to better understand the nature of man as a reflection of the universe.

How then does Sol, the planets/planetoids/asteroids, the Earth and the Moon enter the picture? The discovery of the planetoid Pluto filled a perceived gap in the number of relevant symbolic celestial entities for a sense of completeness. This completeness is in assigning a ruling planet to a particular perceived behavioral set ( In addition, each planet, etc. was assigned to a constellation. These celestial members of the Solar system seem to be tied to electromagnetic flux and the cuing of behavioral events in a rhythmic/cyclic pattern. Life events indeed revolve in tune with these celestial markers for rhythmic behavioral expression. By what basis do the assignment of behavioral patterns to a particular celestial member proceed?

One of the best publications, in the author's opinion, concerning astrological analysis is "The Astrologer's Handbook" by Frances Sakoian & Louis S. Acker published in 1973 via Harper & Row, NY. These 2 also wrote "The Astrology of Human Relationships" in 1976. Both are good reads. However, there are also many publications that aim to debunk astrology ( No study of human behavior is perfect. In the personal experience of the author, there is good astrology and bad astrology just like there is good science and bad science. It just depends upon who has an ax to grind and their hidden agendas!

In actuality, there is no scientific basis for the assignment of a celestial body to a particular behavior. This is because the scientific research has not been done, much less having been done correctly. The influence of the Moon has anecdotal mention. Nurses have been known to comment upon the number of cases entering the ER during the full Moon, as an example. One scientist studied the influence of the planets upon behavior of puppies and cows ( Her conclusion was that the influence was greater than chance. It seems also that the government of the USA cancels any research that begins to show any influence of celestial bodies on human behavior ( The work of Michael Gauquelin produced "Cosmic Influences on Human Behavior " in 1985 ( Thus, all that can be said is that there is something going on but there are no true guidelines as yet. For now, the information passed down to us from classical astrology will be examined.

Please remember that (after construction of the non-living physical body, the living cellular tissues and organ systems made up of the various tissues) at birth the organism is now growing and learning to interact with the immediate environment that includes electromagnetic flux, geomagnetic flux, family member HBF interactions, inter-species body-field interactions and weather. All these factors will have an influence upon the developing individual. The central nervous system (CNS) and the enteric nervous system (ENS) deal with the external environments. The Hormonal system deals with the internal environment. The interface between the external and internal environments is the neuro-endocrine elements of the CNS: the pineal gland, the hypothalamus and the pituitary gland. The pineal gland responds to electromagnetic flux, the hypothalamus responds to the pineal gland and hormones. The pituitary gland responds to the hypothalamus.

The celestial bodies of the Solar System appear to act as lens agents for the reflection of solar radiation, electromagnetic radiation received from the galaxy and from the universe at large. Classical astrology ascribes certain physical body influencing attributes to celestial members. The author understands the lens effect for electromagnetic flux but as yet has no understanding of direct physical body influences other than through the neuro-endocrine - hormonal systems.

Members of Celestial Influence

The Sun Sign ( is supposed to be the integrator of beingness, the synthesis of all of the factors that make up an individual. This addresses the Sol-Earth axis as a determiner of overall integration of personality at the point on the crust of the Earth at birth with the code signifier of the constellation as a backdrop. This means that the Earth has been divided into 12 equal sections to match the constellational backdrop. The combination of Sol in the constellational backdrop, the degree (0-30) of Sol in the constellation as the Sun Sign and the point on the Earth at birth are the main determiners of how the developing physical body and HBF are integrated as a whole with a given overall coherent resonance pattern. The celestial bodies have a given set of characteristics but are then colored by placement in the Signs of the constellations. The Sun in astrology is the source of energy (electromagnetic flux), the orb of power (example: source driver of weather) and dynamic creativity (impetus for and main source of information).

It is the Moon Sign that determines your emotional characteristics ( and seems to play a role in determining the constitution of your physical body. Thus, it is the Moon-Earth axis, like above, that seems to determine how your physical body generally functions, is put together (heredity) and functions as an emotional, instinctive being.

The planet Mercury is very much tied to, as a symbol, mental characteristics and is always within 280 of the sun. Mercury is said to govern the intellect, day-to-day travels, the cerebellum and the respiratory system.

The planet Venus is always within 480 of the sun. Venus is associated with the energy of attraction and feelings of love, feminine influences, possessions, art, beauty and adornment. The physical body regions influenced are the lumbar region, the throat & parathyroid glands and the kidneys.

The planet Mars is associated with the masculine, aggression, action and weapons. The physical body regions influenced are the muscles, the urogenital system, the gonads, the kidneys and adrenal glands and red blood cells.

The planet Jupiter is associated with knowledge, advanced studies, speculative thinking, religion and a philosophical outlook. Also Jupiter is associated with universities, foreign cultures, languages and written communications. The physical body regions influenced are the pituitary gland and the liver.

The planet Saturn is associated with perseverance, tenacity, slow change, inhibition, restriction and intolerance. The physical body regions influenced are skin, teeth, urinary bladder, spleen, the Vagus nerve and crystallization & acid formation in the joints (gout).

The planet Uranus is associated with all forms of modern science and science fiction. The physical body regions influenced are the circulatory system and nervous system. In addition there are influences dealing with development (physical changes), paralysis and cramps and nervous breakdown.

The planet Neptune is associated with mental and nervous processes, maritime matters, institutions and hospitals. The physical body regions influenced are the spinal canal, and the thalamus. Cultural associations are artistic & religious inspiration, mimicry, poetry, dancing, photography and the cinema.

The planetoid Pluto is associated with the unconscious, forced change and the creative & regenerative forces within the physical body. The body region influenced is the gonads. The Earthly realm associated with are the underworld, eruptions, volcanoes and earthquakes. The cultural associations are big business and the beginnings & end phases of life.

The Human Body-Field and the Chakras

How does the above information fit with the proceeding schema? First, let a correlation between the chakras and their regionally associated organ systems be made with the celestial bodies. The chakras are at the core of the Human body-field (HBF) ( It seems to be quite clear that the Crown and Brow/Bindu (Bindu-cerebellum) chakras deal with the neuro-endocrine system as well as many brain nerve cell loci. This will thus include mental (norepinephrine), emotional (serotonin), hormonal regulation (pineal gland & hypothalamus), all conscious voluntary muscular activity (dopamine) and unconscious regulatory activity (medulla oblongata). The Sun, the Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto all seem to play a roll in these 2 chakras. This is every member of the 10 celestial members. Let us look at the Crown chakra area first. The pineal gland is usually included with the Crown chakra. In fact, the pineal-hypothalamic-pituitary (PHP) axis is the primary brain region responsible for the coordination of all diurnal rhythms in the body. This axis regulates both the medulla and the rest of the hormonal glands. The Sun lights up, with the electromagnetic spectrum, the pineal gland as this structure is also called the 3rd eye ( Jupiter is listed as a "ruler" of the pituitary gland, the non-regulatory aspect of the PHP axis. The left-hemisphere is the location of the consciousness and the right-hemisphere is the location of the unconsciousness in right-handed individuals. Jupiter and Neptune seem to be involved with the right hemisphere. Mercury is the ruler of all mental activity and long-term memory (Cerebellum). The Brow Chakras seems to deal with both Venus and Mars in activating the forebrain and the left-hemisphere (crown) for cortical (dopamine) output to the limbic (mid-brain) systems for emotional output and short-term memory. Saturn seems to deal with cortical inhibition (serotonin) of outflow from the cortex to the mid-brain. Both the Crown (cerebral cortices) and the Brow (cortical forebrain) send nervous output to the mid-brain. The Bindu (cerebellum) also sends outflow to the mid-brain. Outflow is then from the mid-brain via the medulla and spinal cord. Uranus appears to be intimately involved with the functioning of the nervous system as a whole, certainly including the Crown and Brow/Bindu chakras. Neptune seems to be involved with the workings of the mid-brain (thalamus), medulla & spinal cord. The planetoid Pluto is said to rule the unconscious, forced change and the creative & regenerative forces within the physical body. It seems that this is the medulla and spinal cord coordinating long cycle responses to the PHP that set the tone for the rest of the physical body.

The Throat chakra is associated with truth, communication and creative expression. This is reflected in the fact that the Thyroid and Parathyroid glands reside next to the voice box. The thyroid gland ( produces hormones that regulate the overall metabolic activity of the entire physical body, the Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR). The Parathyroid glands ( secrete a hormone that determines the rate of bone formation & remodeling and the concentration of Ca++ in the blood. The planets that show an association with this node are Venus (throat & parathyroids), Mars (thyroid) and Pluto (creativity). Jupiter also has an association for written communications and languages.

The Heart chakra is associated with the differentiation between self and not-self, kinship, generosity and compassion. It is also involved with the Thymus gland as the origin of the Immune System that later resides mostly in the bone marrow and Spleen. The celestial body associated with this node (chakra) is the Moon (emotions). The planet Uranus is associated with the overall circulatory system, with the heart as the originating center. Mercury is involved with the respiratory system.

The Solar Plexus node is associated with the stomach, pancreas and small intestine & large intestine for digestion (ENS) and the Spleen (for immunity & red blood cell formation). Here seems to be the node for all societal relations. The Sun as the source of dynamic creativity in social affairs, the planet Jupiter for institutions of advanced learning, the planet Neptune for social creative expression, all have an outlet through this node. This node deals with survival of the species (herd type behaviors).

The Sacral node is associated with the kidneys & gonads, the urinary bladder, the liver, the uterus and the colon. It is related to personal relationships, personal reproduction and territoriality. The celestial members associated with this node are Venus (personal feelings of love), Jupiter (liver function & muscle metabolism), Pluto (reproduction & sexuality), Mars (kidneys & urogenital system) and Saturn (urinary bladder).

The Basal node is associated with the adrenal glands and personal survival skills. Here Mars rules with "Fight or Flight" and the Earth-Moon axis for physical body formation.

The above celestial body correlation is a schema that needs further insight, research and conceptualization as a work in progress, like so much of any scientific investigation.

Numerical Analysis

The angular relationships that the celestial bodies make to each other and their placement at any moment in time within the solar system interplanetary matrix as a whole plays a huge role in the determination of fundamental personality characteristics and the cyclic ebb & flow of those influences (

NameDegrees Apart*Orb (+ or -)StrengthNature
----------------------* When Exact(Orb = angular degree of influence)---------------------

The disk of the Moon spans 10 of arc in the sky if you deem that there are 3600 in a circle. Really to get a better understanding as to why the current astrological analysis has evolved to current parameters, it is necessary to begin with those who invented mathematics in ancient Mesopotamia. Records show that the diurnal movement of the Sun, the movement of the Sun through the Constellations, the phases of the Moon, the 12 lunar cycles (actually 13), the division of the day into 12 equal parts, the division of the hour into 60 parts and a graduated circle divided into 12 equal parts all originated there. The Babylonians first developed the use of astrological analysis to construct birth charts. The number 12 is the product of 3 x 4 as 3 quadraplicities and 4 triplicities. The Babylonians also developed the use of the Rising Sign. With the decline of Mesopotamia, astrology passed on to Hellas. Here the use of planetary aspects originated with Ptolemy I. All aspects deal with the division of a circle by the numbers from 1 to 12.

The conjunction (00) of 2 planets tends to blend the individual planetary influences into a whole. Consciously this means that it is difficult for the person involved to separate these 2 energetic influences. The opposition (1800) brings into stark contrast the energies of the participants. This makes learning to balance the energetic influences of great importance. The Trine (1200) is a very smooth acting aspect. The energies work very well together. The Square (900) is very much of an energy producing aspect but also a difficult to channel aspect. The Quintile (720) indicates talent and vaguely fortunate circumstances. The Sextile (600) indicates ease of communication between the two elements involved, with compatibility and harmony between them. The Septile (51.430) indicates a hidden underlying nature and deeper destiny of the influence. The Semi-Square (450) indicates a somewhat weaker influence than like that of the Square. The Novile (400) indicates a constriction between the members that can be unlocked and used as a catalyst to self-enhancement. The Decile (360) is related to the Quintile but weaker and is said to impart ability to help others. The Undecile (32.70) is said to be associated with social consciousness and the ability to reach beyond oneself for help. The Semi-sextile (300) indicates a moderate rapport and support by the members but effort is required to achieve results from a blending of influences.

The reason that the author knows that astrological analysis works is due to the making of a composite chart for 2 people and viewing the result. Without a question or doubt, every time that the author did so for other couples or his own relationship, the result always described the nature of the relationship to an amazing degree of accuracy! This means that the celestial members and their aspects for each chart were combined to produce a composite chart and this composite chart accurately described the nature of the relationship. This cannot be due to chance! Nor is it due to wishful thinking since it was accurate in every case examined. This leads to the next method for analysis, the Rising Sign and House determinations.

Ascendant or Rising Sign & the Houses

The determiner for the projection of personality into every day affairs in astrology is the Ascendant or Rising Sign ( This also determines the starting point for the division into 12 houses of everyday life activities ( The work of Dr. Fuzeau-Braesch has determined that the Ascendant (, the Descendant, The Midheaven (Medium Coeli- MC) ( and the Imum Coeli (IC) are scientifically verified Principle Points in the determination of personality. The Ascendant is the zodiacal sign and degree that was ascending on the eastern horizon at the specific time and location of birth. The Descendant is the point directly opposite from the Ascendant, or Rising Sign. The MC is the zenith of a path in the sky traced by the point of intersection between the ecliptic and the Meridian (a line of longitude) of the terrestrial location at birth. The IC is the point directly opposite the MC as the point in space where the ecliptic crosses the meridian in the north.

Let us start with some conceptual considerations dealing with the Principle Points (PP). The Ascendant-Descendant line in the natal chart is said to distinguish that which is of the conscious from that which is of the unconscious or put in another way, that which is easily observable as behavior from that which is hidden from easy observation. All in the chart that is above this line is evident while all that is below this line is hidden. The MC-IC line in the natal chart is said to distinguish that which is dealing with the self from that which deals with society and partnerships. To the left of this line is self-interest while that to the right deals with the shared experiences of others. These 2 lines create quadrants of life influences, expressions and response patterns. Input energies come into the individual from the Descendant and IM to be assimilated, processed and then projected as unique personal expressions. The characteristics of this projected expression is colored by the placement in the natal chart of the celestial members and the aspects that these members make to each other and to the 4 PP.

The 4 individual quadrants have then the following general characteristics: #1 unconsciously working self interests, #2 unconsciously working social influences, #3 conscious, open social influences and #4 conscious, open self interests.

Each quadrant is then divided into 3 sections. Please refer to this link ( and the brief discussion below:

The First House is Ruled by Aries. This is the projection and expression of your individual personality into the world. It can describe your physical appearance or image and celestial members in this house are used to communicate something about the individuality of a person. For example, Mercury here will indicate that a person needs to communicate through speech and writing to express their individuality. There is also an impulsive quality here, where you just are and you are immediately recognized by the sign qualities expressed.

The Second House is Ruled by Taurus. The Second House is concerned with what you have in terms of material possessions and also your ability to use your special skills and talents to bring possessions to you. It is the House of sustenance and what you must do to maintain our physical well-being. It can also indicate your self-esteem, self-worth and the value that you place on material things.

The Third House is Ruled by Gemini. This House, as associated with Gemini, is the area of your life where you communicate and disseminate information. It is also associated with short journeys and your local environment and siblings. It describes your early education, your schooling and is essentially a social house as it is where you begin to acquire the ability to meet the world in social terms.

The Fourth House is Ruled by Cancer. This house can be the house of Karma. It is associated with home life, family, culture and traditions handed down through the generations and as such can refer to past lives and those who you associate with in this life in order to work through your soul's purpose. The family teaches values and behaviors that may or may not be appropriate as you grow up and leave the home. A person with a strong planetary presence here may need to continue the role of perpetuating strong roots in a family situation.

The Fifth House is Ruled by Leo. This house is where you experiment with your social skills through interacting with friends and lovers. You learn about yourself through others' reaction to your behavior. Here you are encouraged to express your individuality and creativity and to learn not to lose your spontaneity and your need for play. So this house also shows hobbies and pastimes and the results of a most creative act, your children.

The Sixth House is Ruled by Virgo. This House is associated with work and service to the community. It indicates how you can be part of society and give your skills to it in order for society to benefit. It is also the house associated with health and healing and your ability to maintain our physical systems as a cohesive whole. The work place becomes a macrocosm to your body's microcosm and you will need to be aware of each part making a contribution to the well being of the whole.

The Seventh House is Ruled by Libra. This is the house of partnerships and commitment to others through marriage or long-term relationships. It is opposite the First House and balances the needs of us as individuals with those you relate to on a permanent basis. You learn compromise and respect for others' individuality and that can sometimes take several attempts to achieve! It is also traditionally the house of open enemies, and business partnerships.

The Eighth House is Ruled by Scorpio. This House reminds us that there is only one certainty in life and that is death. It is the house of transformation, endings & beginnings and the ability to regenerate through sex. It is also associated with money and inheritance, and also the partner's money and finances. Your dues to society are shown in this house, through taxation and living by society's laws or dealing with the consequences thereof.

The Ninth House is Ruled by Sagittarius. The Ninth House is associated with religion, philosophies and belief systems, as well as higher education as opposed to early school education in the Third House. It is where you formulate your code for living, either through your own learning and experience or the adoption of your culture's standards. Of course, this varies according to the different religions around the world and this house recognizes the importance of different cultures and overseas travel. The key word here is "expansion" of ideas and concepts.

The Tenth House is Ruled by Capricorn. This House is at the top of the chart and consequently refers to your highest ambition, usually seen through your career, which is how you are recognized and categorized by society. It represents the culmination of work and experience to achieve the goals you set for yourself and the authority other people invest in you as a result of all your hard work and achievement. An emphasized tenth house usually indicates a person who reaches the top and is acknowledged for that achievement.

The Eleventh House is Ruled by Aquarius. This House is concerned with your special friends and groups of people (not family) with whom you feel a common bond or association. There is recognition that other people share your ideals and goals for the common good, perhaps through political endeavor or charities. It is where you can create the sort of society you want and not be afraid of change or challenge to tradition.

The Twelfth House is Ruled by Pisces. This House has been much maligned in the past, as its concerns are more to do with your inner world rather than outer achievements. However it can be the House of excellence as it is where you can recognize your true inner self and act according to your greatest purpose. It may give you cause for doubt and demand that you question who you are, but that is its greatest strength. When you withdraw from the world and find a place of peace and solitude then you are in a position to commune with your higher self, and planets here show a need for self-reflection. Traditionally it was considered the house of seclusion in hospitals, prisons etc..and the domain of secret enemies, but we are all capable of being our own worst enemy by failing to nurture our needs, your own self un-doing. It is the house where you return after the maelstrom of interacting with the busy world and can be the source of great inner strength and tranquility.

The research of Dr. Suzel Fuzeau-Braesch has shown that some tools of astrology are valid and can be used with confidence concerning the PP. The Sun at any angle bestows a strong personality influence. The Moon at any angle bestows an influence for a sensitive or passive nature and a talented, receptive and empathetic personality. Mercury at any angle bestows a communicative and/or a reactive influence. Venus at any angle bestows a sensitive and strong emotional life influence. Mars at any angle bestows an energetic, even headstrong and athletic influence. Jupiter at any angle bestows an authoritative and sociable, likes attention and/or charismatic influence. Saturn at any angle bestows a serious, thoughtful and slowing influence. Neptune at any angle bestows a tendency to daydream but an imaginative, sensitive, receptive, intuitive and sometimes irrational influence. Uranus at any angle bestows an independent and/or directive influence. Pluto at any angle bestows an original and analytical mind.

The Transits of The Celestial Members

Work with the Kepler Light Telescope has shown that there is a downward shift in frequency of the characteristic electromagnetic spectrum emminating from a star whenever a planet transits the star. A transit of a planet means that any planet orbiting a star moves across the face of the star as viewed from Earth. The characteristic frequencies utilized in research are in the range of about 1000 Hz to 5000 Hz. Please see this website for details - . These frequencies are within the range of those that are known to affect behavior. Thus, we have now a verified model for frequecy shifts as timing cues for behavioral expression pattern.

In the astrological analysis of coming events, it is instructive to follow the movements of the celestial members and the aspects that they make with the birth positions other celestial members, as well as to each other. This is what a "transit" is - the positions of the moving (transiting) celestial members are compared with the stationary planetary positions in one's birth chart. In the experience of the author, the energy of the transit seems to come to the fore just before the alignment of the aspect. This energy is a bit strained. At the time of alignment, the quality of the energy changes to be clearer and smoother. The time of effect of the transit seems to be a bit oscillatory and fades within a day or so depending upon the type of aspect and the members involved. The strongest of the transits are those of the Moon, in the opinion of the author. Thus, transits are the dynamic and rhythmic appearance of stimuli to energize the latent potentials promised by your natal horoscope, and trigger the behavior and events that then become a part of your daily experience. The effect of a transiting planet depends on where it is, with respect to the planets and houses of your natal horoscope. The day-to-day changes in your life depend on the transits of the Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus and Mars. Their transits throughout the aspects are measured in days and weeks. The outer planets - Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto - are important for the long-term effects on your life, measured in years and decades. The duration of a transit effect also depends on whether the transiting planet is in retrograde motion on your date of interest. Retrograde planets may remain in retrograde from twenty-one days to five months (for Mercury and Pluto respectively).

Another piece of the puzzle was provided by the work of John Nelson, an Electrical Engineer at RCA that was tasked with investigating the Sun in relation to telecommunications ( ) and ( ). Mr. Nelson started his work in April of 1946 on the effect of sunspot activity upon telephony in order to predict disturbances to clear channel functionality. After 5 years of devoted data collection, he discovered that whenever the Sun was positioned exactly between Mercury and Jupiter (0o or 180o on either side), when Mercury was moving in opposition to Saturn and also Venus was 90o to Saturn, then the formation of large sunspots increased. This 3-element sun-planet orientation of Mercury opposite Jupiter and Mercury opposite Saturn with Venus 90o to Saturn occurs over a 4-day period and severely interferes with clear channel radio communications.

Mr. Nelson discovered this sun-planet configuration after plotting a astrological horoscope for the times of the most severe interference. He also discovered that when the planets were aligned 120o to each other the condition favored good telephony. Zero, 90o or 180o meant poor communications. These are the same behavioral attributes that astrology ascribes to the respective aspects! Science indeed supports the basis of astrological transits.

At this point in the discussion, it is appropriate to again cite the work of Dr. Seymour. In his book, "Astrology: The Evidence Of Science", he very well demonstrates how the dynamic fluctuations of the Solar system magnetic field is due to the interplay of both the gravity and the magnetic fields of the Sun and the planets. This interplay causes intense magnetic storms within the Sun at the various aspects of conjunction, opposition, square and so on. These storms alter the local geomagetic field accordingly. The genome and/or nervous system of living organisms respond to the local geomagnetic resonances to which they were entrained and thus respond in a myriad manner according to genomic and behavioral propensities. It is the genome of the living entity that was entrained in the growth processes that is the ultimate responder to the return of the same cyclic processes in the overall scheme of the interplay of the elements of the Solar System.


Please remember that the celestial members are the lenses of Solar and Galactic reflection of electromagnetic and geomagnetic energies. The Signs of the Constellations are the specific regional backdrops that color the solar influence. The Houses are where a celestial member energy operates or is released in your life. So it all really comes down to the influence of the celestial members, their aspects made one to another and the transits that the celestial members make through the dynamic solar system electromagnetic interplanetary matrix. The circumstances of birth within this matrix, via the workings of the inherited genetic apparatus, indeed determine the propensities for and capabilities of each individual person. These propensities and capabilities are developed through socialization, learning from life experiences and through concerted mental & emotional activities. Finally, the expression of behavior may be charted, timed and used for gaining an understanding of individual uniqueness.

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