Concepts Relating To The Maintenance
Of The Human Body - The Integrator

Edward F. Block IV, PhD
May 2016


The adult human body is an organism. It is composed of various tissues that provide specific functions within the human body. The tissues are composed of individual cells embedded within a local matrix of connective tissue. All tissue cells relate physically (structurally) or energetically (field) with other tissue cells within the overall composition of the human body structure and human body field. The structural means is either indirectly by means of a circulating aqueous medium (interstitial fluid & plasma) or directly by means of specialized cells (mast cells, white blood cells, fibroblasts, etc.) or neurons. Specialized cells wander through the matrix of connective tissues in the perfomance of their duties. Neurons connect to other cells by special cellular processes termed dendrites and axons.

The energetic (field) means is less well characterized in detail but known in a general sense. More upon this subject in the following discussion.

Both the structural and energetic means of cellular inter-relationship are coordinated locally and remotely. Coordination locally is by tissue cell groups and remotely is by elements of the nervous system. Locally, tissue cell groupings achieve a collective goal according to their particular genetic expression. Remote coordination is by direct local physical connection with a neuronal axon end plaque where the neuron cell body is remote from the locale. Otherwise, remotely by substances produced by nervous elements and released into the blood stream to be carried to a remote locale. There are 2 major coordinating nervous centers : the central nervous system and the enteric nervous system. The central nervous system resides within the skull (brain)/vertebral column (spinal cord) and the enteric nervous system resides within the abdomen (mesenteric plexi).

In regard to organismal maintenance of body integrity, both physical (structural) and energetic (field) coordination needs to be achieved. Thus, both local tissue cellular physiology and field relationships need to be coordinated within organismal physiology and field relationships. This means that both local rhythmic tissue drivers of coordination and organismal rhythmic drivers of coordination are being integrated by an overall control system that also exhibits rhythmic characteristics. Ultimately, this overall control system is the result of continuous evolutionary development that has allowed for the genetic expression of gene groupings and interactions that have resulted in yielding the adult human organism. The transcription of genetic material is known to follow rhythmic behavior and the overall control system must ultimately be coded for within the human genome.

The following discussion will attempt to clarify the nature of this overall control system, the Integrator.


1. Background

The first question one might ask is whether the Integrator is intrinsic to or extrinsic to the Human Body. Most people might assume that it is intrinsic to the human body. Next people might assume that it is probably some aspect of the nervous system collectively as a whole and not individual cell physiology and local gene expression because the phenomenon is expressed as an organism. Thus, one needs to approach the issue of the nature of the integrator from several different points of view, look at known parameters and make educated guesses as to approaches to investigate.

a. Formation of the Human Adult Organism - What It Is

We may start our journey of inquiry with a description of the formation of the human body stepwise from a single ovum. A very detailed account of the entire process may be found here (1). What is of interest is the formation of 2 loci of nervous elements that locally coordinate events that have organismal implications. The Enteric Nervous System (ENS) determines the molecules and elemental compounds to be pulled out of the intestinal tract and shunted to the liver for processing. The liver processes all and dumps its secretions, both anabolic and metabolic, into the blood stream for distribution to all the tissue cells of the body. The rhythms of the ENS appear to be tied to the geomagnetic fluctuations in the local environment. The basic wavelength of the water resonance due to the transverse electomagnetic wave matrix caused by the interaction of the Birkland currents with the geomagnetic field is 4.55 Hz (2). The entire human body also resonates with this basic wavelength. It appears that all nutrient substances have resonances that are multiples of the very basic Mass Quantum (MQ) of 0.74 Hz (3).

The central nervous system (CNS) responds to the periodic fluctucations of the electromagnetic spectrum emanating primarily from Sol and secondarily by reflection of the solar radiation by the Moon (4). However, the CNS is also entrained by the Schumann Resonances (5). Components of the CNS release compounds into the blood stream that have an affect upon all the tissue cells of the body, hormones (6). Generalized behaviors that respond to changes in the local environment and also stem from drives within the CNS for food, shelter, mating, etc. are known (7). However, there is not yet a concept for an integrator, per se. The logical assumption is that the integrator is a function of the CNS. This ties with the concept of the Human Body-Field (8).

From an evolutionary viewpoint, the phylogenetic progression of the development of the "head" region of the prototypical nervous system results in the development at the region of the caudle end of the spinal cord in humans as the hindbrain. The hindbrain consists of the medulla oblongata, the Pons and the Peduncle. The medulla contains the cardiac, respiratory, vomiting and vasomotor centers and therefore deals with the autonomic functions of breathing, heart rate, blood pressure and regurgitation. The Pons contains nuclei that relay signals from the forebrain to the cerebellum, along with nuclei that deal primarily with sleep, respiration, swallowing, bladder control, hearing, equilibrium, taste, eye movement, facial expressions, facial sensation, and posture. At the top of the hindbrain lies the Peduncle. The peduncle is mainly tracts of fibers connecting above (midbrain) to below (the rest of the hindbrain and spinal cord). One would like to posit that the Intergrator is part of this primitive brain system area, the caudle end of the spinal cord and the hindbrain, that has progressed along the evolutionary chain. It is necessary for the Integrator to be part of the developing caudle area of the phylogenetic progression of a Head region simply because all existing animals appear to be able to maintain body integrity in the local environment of geomagnetic and electromagnetic flux.

b. Maintenance of the Human Adult Organism - How It Functions

Here is where the background for the means, that has develvoped with the evolution of the human genome for the maintenance of the complete human organism, may be elucidated in detail. The integrator within the CNS and the meridian system of energy flow (9) through the human Body-Field work in tandem to maintain the health of the organism throughout the life of the individual. This is the basis for all natural healing modalities: Homeopathy, Naturopathy and Acupuncture/ Oriental Medicine. Three components (blood vessels, nerves, meridians) move between the tissue compartments (organs, nerve plexi, muscles), determined by the connective tissue at fetal development, to all aspects of the physical body. The autonomic nervous system (ANS) (10) is the system that coordinates the basic functions of the organ systems at the direction of the CNS, either directly by nerve input or indirectly by blood plasma component. Every major organ system, outside of the CNS itself, is coordinated by the ANS with the rest of the physical body, i.e., nerves tell tissues when to do things in addition to that the tissue cells already may be doing in a periodic manner. Conversely, the ANS tells the CNS what to do to maintain the organ system integrity. The ANS works in the background in an unconscious manner. The CNS may work both in an unconscious manner and a conscious manner. All striated muscle movement is voluntary. The exception is a spinal cord reflex arc, such as a response to touching a hot item to jerk the hand away.

In the previous section, the hindbrain was demonstrated to be the coordinating area for much of the unconscious activities of the muscles involved with respiration and eating. All systems that may be under voluntary control. The control of heart rate is not so much under voluntary control. Thus, the hindbrain and spinal cord appear to be the prime outside of local area physiology controlling system. The ANS works in concert with its component tissues until acted upon by controlling impulses origination within the spinal cord and hindbrain.

The work of those in the development of what is now known as acupuncture and chinese medicine gave to us a schedule for the events that influence the overall flow of energy through the body that works in concert with daily physical activity (9). Hence, all physiological and energetic field activities must be coordinated in a fundamentally extant manner in all living organisms and must also be a basic component of living systems.

c. Health Considerations - What Happens To Mess It All Up

Where Eastern Medicine and modern Biochemical Medicine meet is with the concept of Peripheral Neuropathy (PN) (11). PN is a description of the known problematic issues with the nervous system outside of the CNS. Apart from direct physical trauma (acute), the autonomic nervous system is the system to which PN refers, and PN is the result of chronic nervous trauma that is some sort of malfunction by components in the ANS and results in an incoordination of tissue cellular physiology within the physical body.

It has been demonstrated that there is always an energy disruption in the smooth flow of energy at some point in the human Body-Field according to the time and magnitude of disturbing influence. In ancient times one only needed to be aware of geomagnetic disturbances in the local envoronment. In these more modern times, the number of electromagnetic disturbances in the local environment swamps the geomagnetic. Both are pervasive now. However, you may move away from a geomagnetic disturbance but it is virtually impossible to move away from all electromagnetic pollution. Both geomagnetic and electromagnetic disturbances adversely affect the human Body-Field. Other than mal-nutrition, these are the major disruptors of a normal functioning physiology and Body-Field.

2. The Integrator

a. Intrinsic Factors

The only feasible intrinsic factors are the CNS, the ANS and their coordination with the Human Body-Field.

b. Extrinsic Factors

The only feasible extrinsic factors are: 1. the Solar System fluctuations that impinge upon a local environment of the Earth 2. the fluctuation in the local Geomagnetic field in response to the Solar wind and incident radiation from Sol.

c. Coordination

It is a fact that energy field interaction always precedes physiological action by tissue cells (12) other than that of normal cellular housekeeping duties. An energy field interaction always precedes that of a biochemical energy expenditure to produce a local physiological change. This means that the integrator is the instigator of an energy field change that in turn elicits a physiological response in nervous tissue in the CNS that in turn coordinates the functionality of the ANS and the physical body as a whole. One would like to think that physiology preceeds all action within the physical body. However, it is evident to those in the real healing modalities that energy flux always preceeds that of a change in physiology. There must be a tandem, almost entangled, aspect to the control process.


Thus, initial concepts for the integrator are that the integrator is a functional component of the CNS that responds to the rhythmic fluctuations of the Solar System. The Integrator has a dual component, one in physical structure and one with energy field components. The human genome is the ultimate source of the origin of the adult physical and energy field structure and thus also for the Integrator. The concept of an Integrator for all living extant organisms is a valid one that yields a possible mechanism for an overall body maintenance scheme throughout the life of the organism. It appears that you may not have directed nervous physiological functionality without concommitant energy field interactions just as you may not have the electrical component of an electromagnetic wave without the magnetic component also.



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