Further Revelations And Reflections Upon The
Essential Nature Of The Human Body-Field

Edward F. Block IV, PhD
February 2017


In previous articles of this publication, it was demonstrated that the Enteric or "Gut" brain is guided by terrestrial events and that the and skull brain is guided by celestial events. The Enteric brain is the general organizer of the yin merdians and the Spinal Cord portion of the Skull brain is the general organizer of the yang meridians. It seems to me that classical Acupuncture and Chinese Oriental medicine have the orientation of some of the yin meridians reversed sinced the entrance of energy into the body is through the yin meridians. The same may be said for some of the yang meridians. All yin meridians should move from the extremities to the body core and all yang meridians should move from the body core to the extremities. I know that this seems to counter the classical description of the cyclic flow of energy through the body. However, this work will attempt to describe what is actually happening.


The intrinsic curl of the yang meridian energy flow is dual in nature. It resides in the 2 cylindric energy distributions on either side of the central core line. These are the Ida and Pingala to either side of the sushumna as described by the tradition of yoga as the 3 fundamental Nadis. The classical description of the Ida and Pingala is of an intertwining wave crossing at the chakra points. The chakra points being rooted in the Sushumna. Energetically what arises is a central relatively still small cylinder accompanied by 2 dynamic larger and more energetic cylinders on either side of the central core. The curl of energy flow in the larger cylinder on the right side is counter-clock wise and designated as (+). The curl of energy flow in the larger cylinder on the left side is clockwise and designated as (-). Consequently, the spin of scalar energy from the right hand is (+) and from the left hand (-). The distribution of these 2 spin energies in the physical body is through the yang meridians and originates deep within the core of the body.

At this point in the discussion, we need to continue first with a little more background information. The Enteric brain determines the types of energies that the physical body resonates with in accordance with local terrestrial events through time. The Skull brain determines the shifts in cellular metabolism and overall organismal physiology according to the seasons. The Enteric brain is generally concerned with the maintenance of the physical structure of the body and internal housekeeping while the skull brain is generally concerned with social interaction, food gathering and reproduction. The interaction of the Enteric brain and the Spinal Cord portion of the Skull brain is of our main concern. What we are involved with in this discussion is the flow of animal magnetism throughout the human body and the generation of bio-scalar energy by the meridian system.

Bio-scalar energy with spin orientation flows through the meridians and out of the body at the distal yang points. This is usually and unconscious act but with practice my be directed with intent. What then is the origin of this bio-scalar energy. In order to obtain scalar energy, there needs to be an impinging interaction of electromagnetic energy on an opposite horizontal axis so that the electric and magnetic components collapse and what remains is called scalar energy. It is the creation and collection of scalar energy that is the essential characteristic of living entities. What means then does the human body have to generate this scalar energy? It is what is refered to as the meridian system.

The left and right spin energies of the yang meridians need to meet right and left spin energies of the yin meridians. The corresponding frequencies meet horizontally to each other, interact and thus generate bio-scalar energy. Yin energies from the Earthly environment enter the body at the extremities on the relative inside portions of the body while the yang energies leave the body on the relative outside of the body at the extremities. It is the contention of the author that during their transit into and out of the physical body, the left and right spin orientations of the energies traveling through the yang meridians meet the corresponding reverse energies traveling in the yin meridians. It is the opposite spin orientations that will meet head to head as it were and allow for the generation of bio-scalar energy.

Now it is time to address the generalized flow of energies through the meridian system and the corresponding body clock that seems to result. This is a more superficial expression of the 3 component core energy system. This is a system of energy flow through the meridian systen in a cyclic manner that is charactrized by what is described by classical acupuncture and Oriental medicine. This system is more of a characteristic of the dynamic nature of the organ physiology system of the body as determined by housekeeping genetic groupings dealing with cellular metabolism. Cellular tissues appear to have a rhythmic expression that result in the overall biological clock that was revealed by those working with the energy system of the body during intensive and long time established meditational practices. Of the 3 dynamic axies of the energy system, it is the left and right hand axis that is dealing with the dynamic flow of energy through the more superficial tissue compartments determined as the fetus developed from the original rapidly dividing ball of cells that comprised the blastula stage. Blood vessels, nerves and energy move from tissue compartment to tissue compartment in this system that was determined by genetic expression during the developmental process that yielded the growing fetus. All of this was explained in previous articles on this website by the same author.


This article shows that the possible orientation of the classical entrance points and exit points of the human body meridian system might need to be re-thought out due to the nature of the energy flows into and out of the human body for the production of bio-scalar energy.

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