The Nature of Human Body-Field Interactions
Between Individuals and Members
of a Social Grouping

E. F. Block
August 2011


This article explores the interaction of the HBF of individuals and the effect that these interactions have on the health and well being of the persons involved. This article will thus detail the nature of human body-field (HBF) interactions between any 2 individuals and then to attempt to show the nature of composite HBF interactions between the members of a social grouping such as a family or a small working group. The possible HBF interactions may be those deemed as "good vibrations" or feelings of unease. The natures of the bio-magnetic and bio-scalar energies attendant to the HBF are subject to the phenomena of resonant and dissonant coupling. The result of the interactions may range from un-noticed to warm & fuzzy, to acute un-ease or even chronic physiological derangement.

The HBF, or the more popular cultural expression as the "aura", is a result of the morphogenic body-field generated by the accumulation and distribution of matter within the physical human body that establishes the bio-magnetic component of the HBF parameters. The attendant bio-energetic parameters and distributed flow of energies within the HBF are concomitant with the bio-magnetic distribution of the physical body since it is not possible to have the 1 without the other. The exception is the bio-scalar energy that may be generated from electromagnetic wave interactions within the HBF.

The result of dampening and enhancing energy transference of bio-magnetic and bio-scalar energies between individuals may be felt within the physical body and revealed by changes within the emotional and mental state of the individuals involved.


For a detailed description of the HBF, go to this link. For a detailed description of the bio-magnetic and bio-scalar energies go the HBF, go to this link. For a detailed description of the physical, mental and emotional aspects of the HBF, go to this link and this link. For a detailed description of the origin and cuing of the HBF, go to this link. For a detailed description of resonant/dissonant energy coupling, go to this link. The above background information will allow you to better understand the following material submitted for your perusal.

The HBF is a result of the material accumulated and distributed within your physical body as prescribed by your hereditary material as the DNA complex of the chromosomes within the nucleus of every cell of your body. The overall morphogenic field generated by the collective biophotonic emissions of the DNA/RNA complex of each cell determines the overall bio-magnetic field or HBF and the systems evolved for the distribution of the attendant energies. The meridian/channel/nadis energy distribution system is the natural complement to the HBF. This system is unique for each individual but has very close similarities to the HBF of other individuals.

What happens when one individual enters the personal space of another person? What happens to the energy distribution systems of each of the involved parties? What happens to the bio-magnetic configuration and the components that make up the composite whole? To provide a possible answer to these questions is the reason for this article.

Each person is a carefully constructed arrangement of molecules. The placement and distribution of these molecules is ultimately determined by heredity. The development of the individual from the original fertilized ovum through a very carefully orchestrated series of events finally results in an individual with a physical structure, physiology and consciousness unique to that person. Thus, each person may have the normal or as is known in the science of genetics as "wild type", expression of a gene. Many genes exist in the population at large for the color of the eye, for instance. However, relatively few exist for the basic construction of the human body. Thus, most people have the same basic bio-magnetic configuration. Also, most people have the same energy distribution system configuration.

People react to the geomagnetic field background generated by the spinning magnetic core of the Earthly dynamo. The means of reception is by/through both the nervous system and the HBF. The symptoms of physical body interaction with the geomagnetic background range from what may be described as a positive (harmonious) body feeling experience to a neutral body feeling experience to that of a negative (dissonant) body feeling experience. It is best to remain in the neutral feeling state unless someone wishes to add to or subtract from his or her overall HBF configuration (calming or healing, for instance). The reaction of people to the Hartmann & Curry grids depends upon their overall HBF configuration. Go to this website for good background information - . The point of the above is to show that you are a person that has a HBF that will interact with that of another person in a similar manner to geopathic stressors encountered in the environment.

In the evolution of the hospital experience, it was empirically determined that at least 6 feet needed to be between each patient bed. This was found to dramatically reduce the death rate. Why is this so? Unless disease organisms can be transmitted between patients via an airborne means, as in the case for pneumonia and tuberculosis, by un-washed hands or non-sterile equipment, what is happening between the patients that increase mortality? This phenomenon directly addresses the reason for this article, the transfer of a deranged HBF configuration and attendant negative bio-scalar energy from one person to another!

This is 1 of the reasons that diseases tend to run in families. The most direct reason is the inheritance of deleterious genetic mutations. In the experience of the author and the observation of family groups, the negative aspects of a disharmonious HBF can and may be transferred to another family member, usually via unconscious empathy in an endeavor to assist the healing of the ill person. These persons do not understand how to then get rid of the negative energy that they have accumulated, much less that they have acquired dissonant energy from their family member, and in turn slowly begin to exhibit the same symptoms as the original member. The reason for this, apart from a communicable pathogenic organism, is that their HBF has been contaminated with disharmonious energies. This dissonance slowly works its way through the energy distribution system until, in general, the same signs & symptoms of disease begin to appear in the would-be healer.

Dissonance within the HBF may cause an acute response but the chronic responses are the most insidious since it becomes very difficult to determine cause and effect. People with strong HBF configurations tend to resist the acquisition of dissonance from another person. Children and the elderly with weaker HBF configurations are particularly susceptible. Bio-scalar energy is particularly helpful in warding off dissonance. One on the reasons for rest/sleep is to build up a reservoir of bio-scalar energy to help ward off any encountered dissonant energies.

The reason that most if not all cultures of Asia, Europe and the Middle East do not point their finger is that it is possible to project bio-scalar energy from the end of the finger tip. Where do you think the use of a wand by magicians came from? The wand is merely an extension of the hand. The cultural expression of Qi Gong purposely cultivates the ability to generate and to project bio-scalar energies. The intent of the projection determines the quality of the projected energy, either to disrupt or to heal!

The healing modality of Homeopathy and that of Traditional Chinese Medicine make the inquiry about changes in the mental and emotional characteristics of a person that comes to them for assistance in the case of signs & symptoms of disease. The reason for this is that these clinical healthcare providers know that mental and emotional changes always precede the onset of physiological and physical symptomology. Remember that your nervous system is 1 of the means of detecting and reacting to disharmonious geomagnetic, bio-magnetic and bio-scalar energies. The other is via the HBF/aura. Thus, if you are observant of your changes from a neutral mental and emotional state to 1 of heightened vigilance in some manner or depression in some manner, you are able to then begin to determine the causes of stressors with their results.

Preparing an astrological natal chart is a very good method for determining your individual HBF parameters. If you want to know the whys and wherefores of your interaction with another person, prepare their natal chart and then compare it with your own natal chart. Perhaps even prepare a composite chart and read the nature of the interactions. Yes, it is really that simple! This means that you will have some idea as to why you do not get along with certain individuals and just fine with others. The key here is to understand, that apart from aspects of their personality, your HBF is reacting to their HBF and that this is simply the result of a disharmonious bio-magnetic interaction on some level. This person has not consciously acted in some manner to assault you. All you need to do is remove yourself from their presence to reduce the tension. This is a very direct example of "personal space" at work.

Just as you may prepare a chart for an individual, this also may be done in the case of a family, a small working group and even a corporation. All you need to do is to combine as many of the individuals as desired in a composite chart to get the overall characteristics of the interactions. In the case of the family, you may notice that astrological designations will tend to be seemingly passed from 1 generation to another. The reason for this fact is that astrology was behavioral genetics long before there was a science called genetics!

The last topic for discussion concerns the topic usually called "psychic phenomena" ( ) and "mental telepathy" ( ). The Hellen (Greek) God Mercury ( ) is the messenger of Gods. Also called Hermes, he has upon his head, a metal hat that looks very similar to the English "Tommy" helmet of WWI. However, arising from the lateral sides of the hat are structures pictured as avian wings. The reason for this follows. 1. DNA determines basic neural networks ( ) in brain architecture, 2. The Central Nervous System (CNS) ( ) is the means for receiving information from the environment, processing this information and in coordinating an appropriate response to that information, 3. The neocortex temporal lobes of the CNS are the centers for reception of, integration of and response to communication phenomena ( ,, ) within the brain, 4. During drug-induced states of the hyper-awareness of human body-field (HBF) phenomena, subjects at the Hypnosis Clinic of the author have described thoughts zooming in and out of the temporal lobe region of the brain, 5. This equates with the wings on the lateral sides of the helmet of the Hellen God Mercury, birds were traditionally described as minion messengers from the Gods to humans (and also in many other human cultures).

Since identical twins have the same DNA and thus the same neural networks. Then, the very close proximity during fetal development ( as children and within the family while growing up ), their shared experiences and so very similar HBF components ensure coherent resonant brain wave entrainment that is necessary for any form of mental telecommunication. Other people that have a very close mental/emotional connection also exhibit these same experiences. The consumption of certain compounds to heighten conscious hyper-awareness of HBF phenomena has been a natural part of the human evolutionary process since time immemorial.


The above material adequately demonstrates that there are harmonious and disharmonious interactions between the human body- fields of individuals and members of small groups. These interactions are not based upon personality but the configuration of the components that go to make up the human body-field.

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