The Interaction Of Life-Fields With The
Ambient Magnetic Fields Attendant To The Earth

E. F. Block
November 2010


The study of and the science of what is now called physics has been a subject of human interest and endeavor throughout the ages. However, it was Michael Faraday ( that gave to us the concept of "field" and James Maxwell ( the concept of "electromagnetic waves" in terms of contemporary science. While it is true that any electric field has a magnetic component, a magnetic field may exist independent of an electric field.

The planet Earth has a molten core that acts like a dynamo ( and concurrently generates a magnetic field. This magnetic field on the Earth extends some distance from the molten core through the crustal plates and into the biosphere ( and atmosphere. In the biosphere, it was originally thought that the only electric phenomena are lightening strikes and static electric charge generated by weather. Since all chemical reactions involve the movement of electron pairs and sometimes single electrons, matter has many types of electromagnetic fields generated by the myriad compounds that comprise the bulk of the Earth and all living organisms that inhabit the many ecological niches found there. However, these matter-electromagnetic influences align themselves within the overall constantly generated dynamic magnetic field of the Earth. However, the work of Hans Giertz [] has shown that the atmosphere and crust of the Earth contain electrons caused by the global electric circuit. The rotation of the Earth generates 24-hour period currents in the magnetosphere, known as the Birkland currents. These currents generate transverse electromagnetic waves that propagate parallel to the geomagnetic field lines. The speed of the current (Iair) is slow, 20 m/sec.

Fields propagate in space and appear to follow the inverse square law (

Magnetic fields permeate matter and only a larger magnetic field ( will block an impinging magnetic field.

Electric fields also appear to follow the inverse square law but are blocked by metal sheets or a metal mesh of less than � the wavelength of the impinging field (a Faraday cage -

Please visit this link ( for a description of the flow of life energies.
Also visit this link ( for a description of the human body-field.
These links ( & describe aspects of man-made environmental electromagnetic phenomena.

This link questions the cause of suicide from ambient geomagnetic peaks ( and this article describes the effects of magnetic fields on embryogenesis ( ). OK, something subtle is going on here. This article is an attempt to shed some light on the subject of the interaction of the human body-field and psyche with naturally occurring and man-made static and fluctuating magnetic fields.


Throughout the history of the Earth, the poles have from time to time reversed in orientation. This is the thought at this time as evidenced by the research done concerning the field of plate tectonics and continental drift. As rock cools from the molten state, it aligns with the magnetic field of the Earth at that time. It was noted that rock in one cooled volcanic flow field was in a different orientation from that which had occurred at a previous or later epochal period. This period of reversal tends to be erratic and not predictable. However, just before a reversal, the strength of the Earth's magnetic field tends to diminish for an extended period. This link will give you a good background concerning this phenomenon ( ). Interestingly, there seems to be a consensus that the Earth's magnetic field is diminishing and has been for some time in respect to the strengths documented throughout recorded history and the North Pole is moving towards Siberia. No species extinctions have been attributed to this phenomenon.

In regard to health, it is suspected that the relatively low magnetic field strength of 0.5 Gauss may be the cause of what Dr. Dean Bonlie identifies as "magnetic deficiency syndrome" resulting from the biological stress caused by the weakening of this "energy base" for life, see - (

Our western Paleolithic ancestors were conversant with the effects of magnetic fields upon health and mental well being as evidenced by the wealth of online information concerning the Keltic use of dolmen, henges and other "sacred" sites. This information was also later used to locate church sites over previous "heathen" sacred sites and also with the use of what is now called dowsing. In the Orient, this human endeavor was codified into what is called feng shui. Much information concerning both of these topics, dowsing & feng shui, may be found online. Much information is also available for sacred sites, the Hartmann & Curry grids (local pulsating magnetic fields), Ley lines and the like. Go to your favorite search engine and type in your topic of interest.

The natural phenomena associated with the dynamic and fluctuating magnetic field of the Earth were the stuff of the Shaman, Sorcerer, religion and mystery. With the advent of the scientific method, the dominance of left-brain thinking over right-brain thinking and due to persecution by the Inquisition and certain elements within the Catholic Church, this information was pushed into obscurity. In the way of thinking of the author, much to our great disservice!

Much medical research in Europe into the possible connection between disease and abnormal local Earth magnetic field disturbances has shown a definite correlation. All disease-causing locations were spots of abnormal variations in the Earth magnetic field or disadvantageous overlap of the Hartmann & Curry grids (good background information sites may be found here -
and here -

Geobiology is now a science and a laypersons information site is here -

So, there is now enough information for us to make the next leap of intuition. As stated above, there is not much in the way of electrical phenomena in nature that is not associated with weather or the Bikland currents. However, there are many magnetic effects due to the magnetic field of the Earth and that of the ore magnetite in the crust of the Earth. Energy in living organisms usually is thought of in terms of chemical bonds, an electrical phenomenon. Chemical bond transfer through matter is always from a more labile state to more stable state. What role does then the magnetic component play in energy relations?

In the physical body, it is not so much as energy flow as it is field interaction. It is more of a matter of energy transfer via resonant coupling. This points up the difference between field energy transfer and chemical bond energy transfer. Most people tend to think only in terms of chemical bond energy transfer. The HBF is made up of all the matter of the body. Because of the manner in which the cells that made up the fetus migrated to their assigned place within the body and proliferated, they formed compartments deliniated by the connective tissue cells that produce what becomes the extracellular matrix (EM). The physiological/bond energy of the body moves through these compartments. The EM is the non-celluar substance that ties together the compartments and creates the channels within which the nerves, blood vessels and lymph vessels make their connections throughout the body. The HBF is in a resonant-coupled state with the environment. The resonant-coupled field energy transfer of the HBF in the body is also through these meridians, the EM superconducting channels. We channel resonant energy through our physical matrix as well as the chemical bond energy we get from our food.

So to re-cap, it is the electrical component of the electromagnetic spectrum that is the informational/control component and the magnetic component is the anchoring into the physical realm component. Remember that the EM creates and ties together the various tissues of the body. The individual cells of the body lie embedded within the very EM that the cells produce. The meridians flow within the designated EM compartments.

Father Maximilian Hell ( taught Franz Anton Mesmer ( the use of magnets for healing work. Dr. Mesmer went on to formulate his theory of "animal magnetism". In ancient China, magnet therapy was part of acupuncture and spurred the development of qi gong (body-field) theory ( It was the practice of various qi gong physical body exercises and meditation that allowed the awareness of the HBF and the similarities of the HBF to a magnetic field.

Geopathic stress causes ill health and EMF ( causes ill health! Remember that all electrical phenomena are accompanied by magnetic phenomena. Geopathic stress is the result of subtle variations in the overall geomagnetic field. EMF stress, to the authors thinking, is due more to the disruptive influence by the enhanced magnetic field of the generators and motors than the electrical component. This effect will overshadow the local geological relationships. Remember that only a larger magnetic field can oblate another weaker magnetic field. Artificially generated magnetic fields associated with electrical equipment are harmful to your health, it is a powerful stressor.

Stress within the body induces an increase in the release of corticosteroids by the adrenal glands ( An increase in cortisol (a corticosteroid) induces belly-fat accumulation ( Thus, any chronic stressor induces a tendency for obesity. This includes stress due to magnetic fields as a part of electrical current flow. Perhaps, this is a reason for the obesity associated with developed countries.

Now the additional point to be made - almost all manufacturing uses electrical motors. This includes the processing and packaging of foodstuffs. Why is this fact important? The answer is magnetic encoding. Magnetic encoding is a natural phenomenon that is the basis for gem therapy due to silicon content. Magnetic encoding may also be produced by man-made equipment. Magnetic encoding is usually thought of as an adjunct of computer technology ( All computer technology is dependent upon the properties of the element silicon. However, the element silicon is a very important element in biological processes as well. Please go to this website for an excellent, easily understood discussion of this topic- Water also plays a huge roll in magnetic encoding - ( Please read these 2 articles since it provides an excellent background for the coming thesis.

Today there are computer programs on the market for alternative medicine (the author really hates this term, as if we did not actually practice real medicine!) to balance the human body-field (HBF). There are also devices for practitioners and patients that place magnetic fields of a specific quality in the HBF to affect a healing within the patient. Both of these may be easily found with an online search engine. This takes care of the obvious uses for magnetic therapy.

What I would like to raise the alarm about is the use of electric motors for the production of foodstuffs! The personal experience of the author is that electric motors disrupt the HBF adversely. Having meditated since the age of 4 years, the author is very well acquainted with his body and the energies that course through it. Some EMFs affect the psyche more than the body and vice versa. All will eventually cause, somewhere down the timeline, a negative impact upon the physiology of the body and the signs and symptoms of disease according to the weaknesses in the constitution of the body.

The affect of electric motors upon the food that is being processed is to encode adverse energies, electric and magnetic, into the foods. This is separate from the negative aspects of food refining on the health of the body. Put these 2 together and you may begin to see the insidious nature of the problem. The effects are not seen immediately so as to be able to put cause and effect together. It takes years for the toll to be seen. It is the opinion of the author that this is the basic cause of the obesity epidemic worldwide. Perhaps as much as 85% of the items in the grocery store are inimical to your health due to the mode of its manufacture!


Let us begin to look at this problem of adverse magnetic encoding in the manufacture of foodstuffs. Let us remove the stigmas associated with dowsing and feng shui in the discovery and elucidation of geopathic stressors. Lastly, let us begin to educate ourselves and then demand of our politicians and corporations to put us first and profits second!

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