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An electromagnetic wave consists of two primary components, an ELECTRIC FIELD and a MAGNETIC FIELD. The electric field results from the force of voltage, and the magnetic field results from the flow of current. Although electromagnetic fields that are radiated are commonly considered to be waves, under certain circumstances their behavior makes them appear to have some of the properties of spherical standing waves. In general, however, it is easier to picture electromagnetic radiation in space as horizontal and vertical lines of force oriented at right angles to each other. These lines of force are made up of an electric field (E) and a magnetic field (H), which together make up the electromagnetic field in space.

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Quantum Physics

  1. Background information
  2. Coherence -
  3. Resonant Coupling - two interconnected resonators can undergo resonant coupling, where one resonator decreases in frequency and the other one increases a corresponding amount. The coupling provided by the non-linear centers of the resonances (high Wave-Amplitude Wave-Centers where the Wave-Velocities change ) causes them to change velocity, frequency, and wavelength, due to the interaction (modulation) of each other's waves. Since significant coupling can only occur between two oscillators which possess the same resonant elements, the frequency (energy) changes are equal and opposite. This is observed as the law of conservation of energy.
  4. Scalar Relationships - Spherical Wave Motions of Space are Scalar waves, at each point in Space the wave equations yield a single quantity which simply describes the wave amplitude (there is no directional component).
  5. Quantum Entanglement - interconnectedness is due to the interaction of the spherical spatially extended Standing Waves of matter with other matter's Wave-Centers distant in Space.
  6. Summary - Quantum Theory (1900-1930) discovered four main things (Geoff Haselhurst, Milo Wolff)
    1. Both matter and light sometimes behave as particles and sometimes behave as waves. (Planck, de Broglie)
    2. Schrodinger's Standing Wave equations can be used to describe the allowed discrete energy states for electrons (Wave-Centers) in atoms or molecules.
    3. It is impossible to know both the location and momentum of a particle and this inherent uncertainty can be calculated using the square of the Wave equation to determine the probability of where the particle will be found. (Heisenberg, Born)
    4. Matter seems to be subtly interconnected with other matter in the Universe. (EPR Experiment)
  7. Summary - Quantum Theory now with the Metaphysics of Space and Motion and the Wave Structure of Matter, we can now sensibly explain these phenomena (Geoff Haselhurst, Milo Wolff)
    1. The solution of the particle/wave duality of matter is obvious - "Matter is a Spherical Standing Wave which creates a 'particle effect' at the Wave-Center". The solution to the particle/wave duality of light is more complex (though it is still obvious once known) and is a consequence of the standing wave structure of matter and that only discrete standing wave interactions can occur during 'Resonant Coupling' of two bound electrons.
    2. Schrodinger's Wave equations confirm this discrete standing wave interaction, that only certain discrete standing wave frequencies between matter are resonantly stable which causes frequency (and thus energy) exchanges to be in discrete 'quanta' which can be mathematically explained as 'particle/photon' interactions.
    3. Because Spherical Standing Waves are the size of the Universe, their In-Waves are interacting with all the other matter in the Universe. As we exist as complex arrangements of Wave-Centers here on earth, we do not have immediate knowledge of how these In-Waves are interacting with this other matter in the universe, and must simply wait until the In-Waves arrive at the Wave-Center where we observe these changes in motion and position of the Wave-Center. This lack of knowledge causes the uncertainty as to how a Wave-Center will move about over time and thus qualitatively explains why probability based upon wave equations can describe this uncertainty.
    4. The Albert Einstein, Podolsky, Rosen (EPR) experiment performed by Aspect in 1972 famously and controversially confirmed the apparent instant interconnection of particles and contradicted Albert Einstein's Relativity which requires that all matter to matter interactions be limited by the velocity of light. Albert Einstein is in fact correct, the error of the experiment was to assume matter was a particle rather than the Wave-Center of a Spherical Standing Wave. Once this is understood then it explains how matter is subtly interconnected with other matter in the Space around it (by the In and Out-Waves) and leads to a minor change in the experiment which will confirm the Metaphysics of Space and Motion and the Spherical Wave Structure of Matter as a sensible and obvious solution to the problems and paradoxes of not only Quantum Theory, but also of Albert Einstein's Relativity and Cosmology.




  1. The Human Body-Field
  2. Hartmann and Curry Grids - both phenomena of the same fundamental process
    • See the information at this link ( on how the grid is formed. The Hartmann grid is due to even equation "m" numbers and the Curry grid is due to the odd equation "m" numbers
  3. Shumann Resonances

  4. Non-Visible Arcitecture
  5. Placebo Effect
  • A Clinical Protcol For Monitoring & Harmonizing The Human Body-Field - Dr. E. F. Block IV
    • I have not yet found any suitable information concerning this topic online and thus I will describe the protocol that I use when treating a patient. My body-field is the instrument that I use to check the patient body-field and the pendulum that I use is the instrument that I use to check my sensitivity (dowsing). After the 30 minutes of acupuncture treatment, I will check the efficacy of the treatment and determine if there is any detectable body-field disharmony by dowsing with my pendulum. I make sure that I am well grounded within myself to the core of the Earth and centered in my body-field before I attempt to dowse. This will mean that I have sufficient experience and the techniques to accomplish this feat of total centered and grounded beingness. I then take my pendulum and start a scan with my personally determined neutral swing, in my case a to and fro swing from the center of my body. The patient is lying on their back with the arms not touching the body and the hands located to allow me to scan the whole arm. I start at the sole of the foot (either) and scan up the leg to the hip. Next I scan the other leg from sole to hip. Then I scan the trunk of the body up the mid-line from the crotch to the chin. I them move to the hip and scan from hip (either) to shoulder and then repeat on the other side. Next I scan in turn both arms from fingers to shoulder. Last is a scan of the head; from chin to the top and then from chin along the jaw to the ear and the side of the head. I repeat the scan for the other side of the head to complete the sequence.
    • If the patient has no disharmony, I will observe my neutral swing throughout the entire procedure. I scan slowly so that any disharmony will be evident at any particular location. The pendulum will begin to rotate, to the left or to the right, if my body-field will detect a disharmony in that of the patient. It matters not the spin orientation but I with intent counter the patient's swing by purposely rotating my pendulum in the opposite direction with an intuitively determined number of counter swings. At the time that I feel that a sufficient number of counter rotations has occurred, I remove the pendulum from the site to a distance away from the patient and allow my swing to become neutral again. I then approach the patient and scan the site of disharmony to test the efficacy of my treatment at that spot on the patient's body. If I am tuned in, there will be no rotation in the same direction as before but will remain neutral. If I have errored on the side of too little the same rotation will occur but in a diminished mode. If I have overcompensated, the rotation will be reversed. I adjust as needed to bring about the neutral swing with my pendulum. Throughout the entire process, I must remain grounded and centered. I complete the scan in entirety until no rotations are detected. This completes the protocol.
    • During the time that I am countering any spin that I detect in a body location from a patient, I visualize (with intent) my body-field energies creating an opposite spin to that encountered. The intensity of my projection needs to match the intensity of the spin detected in the patient. Also, the number of counter turns needs to match the intensity encountered. With practice, right-brain intuitive processes will tune you to this protocol and you will be able to smoothly complete the protocol in an appropriate manner - practice makes perfect!

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