Chapter 4 - The Clinical Space

Edward F. Block IV, PhD
July 2015


This chapter will bring together information gleaned from the experience of the author in a clinical setting. The information proffered here is just as important as your clinical skills and treatment.

Clinical Setting

The concept of providing a neutral space for the practice of healing modes is very important. Careful planning on the part of the clinician will need to be done along several lines of investigation. The difficulty of finding a commercial space in which to practice your profession is daunting in itself. However, you will need to be very aware of the geomagnetic/Birkland current factors in the local setting. Perhaps you may learn to dowse and scope out the proposed clinical space yourself. If you feel uncomfortable in the proposed space, definitely do not practice there.

It is suggested that you use only battery powered equipment in the immediate clinical setting. It is especially required to eliminate any electrical motors from the clinical setting, such as fans. It would also be a very good idea to keep the treatment table at least 6 feet away from any electrical power outlet. Use your dowsing skills to find the location in the room that you are going to treat your patients where the Birkland current 3D grid is most neutral. Wooden floors are better than concrete. Try to get a room that is over an earthen space with a wooden floor, perhaps a building intended to originally be a home.

Clinical Relations

You the clinician will be in the space of the patient and your Human Body Field (HBF) ( will interact with that of the patient and vice versa. Thus you will need to learn how to maintain your centered state of beingness. Washing your hands in running water aids in keeping adverse energy/fields from accumulating in your aura. This is because clean water has a resonance at the Geirtz harmonic of 4.55 HZ. Showers are better than baths since the negative energies go down the drain instead of remaining in the tub with you. It helps to take a minute or two between patients to deep breath, ground yourself and zone out to monitor your aura (HBF) before continuing with the next patient. You must monitor your HBF, aura, soon after closing the clinic for the day to make sure that you have not accummulated any adverse energies. If so, be sure to ground them at the first opportunity and re-balance your HBF!