Edward F. Block IV, PhD
July 2015


This chapter will bring together all the information discussed above and additionally information gleaned from the experience of the author in a clinical setting and the formal knowledge of Homeopathy and TCM. The information presented will be along the lines of a formal patient intake, to a discussion of signs & symptoms and then to treament modalities.

Patient Intake

This aspect of patient care is perhaps the most important part of the whole entire process. Without a through understanding of the parameters involved in the patient related to their dis-ease, nothing but in a general sense that you do for them will bring their HBF into alignment and effect a "cure". Please remember that you need to be familiar with their astrological natal chart, their lifestyle, their nutritional status, their environmental conditions and their interpersonal interactions. Thus, the question and answer portion of your interaction with the patient is critical. A good intake discussion should take about 2 hours. You will also need to enlighten them as to the nature of your treatment schedule and their need for strict adherance to your treatment protocol. Many people will not be willing to give up their lifestyle and are doomed thereby to failure in achieving any longlasting beneficial results.

1. Astrology

The very first thing that the author asks for is the date, place and time (hopefully within 4 minutes of birth but any infromation is helpful in getting the relative position of the Moon at the time of birth) of birth as that means that the most accurate astrologial Natal chart may be calculated. Please remember that Astrology is a representation of your genetic complement in physical form, emotional make up and mental propensities. You will need to shop around until you find the software program that suits your needs. The free online offerings are not detailed enough unless you have a great deal of astrological experience under your belt. I am not going to go into detail here but will give only the basics that are needed to be look at with care. Also, please remember that Astrology is reprentational and not actually causal. It is the inherited gene sets that are causal.

The position and placement in the chart of the Moon is critical as the Moon is the generalized representation of your entire physical body. The relationship of the Moon placement with the other aspects of the Natal chart will give to you the general strengths and weaknesses of the physical body.

The Ascendant is the manner in which you project yourself into your environment. The Descendant is the energy that you cultivate in order to project yourself. Thus you need to pay attention to the relationship of the Descendant with the other aspects of the Natal chart as this will guide you in understanding the role unconscious elements play in the make up of the psyche.

The positions of Venus and Mars in the chart relates to the manner in which you receive physical energy from others and how you project your physical energies towards others. This dual relationship is what people call "vibes" and denotes how the patient will react to being close to another person over a long period of time. The people or person that you spend a great deal of time with have/has a definite effect upon the flow of energies within a persons aura (HBF). In a close and long established relationship, the HBF of both parties tend to blend together.

The planet Jupiter is the major governor of the emotions. The planet Mercury is the major governor of mentation. The planet Saturn is the governor of overall learning, growth and development. The planets Neptune, Uranus and the planetoid Pluto appear to fine tune any aspects of the other planets and their chart positions.

2. Healthy (Normal) Physical Body Nuances

The intake form upon which you record the answers that your patient gives to you concerning the status of their normal bodily functions may be found online. However, you will need to modify the sheet(s) of the form that suits your needs to reflect the manner in which you practice your clinical skills, i.e. you will need to tweak the form. If you get a detailed description of the family history of disease patterns, this will give to you a general overview of the genetic predispositions that the patient carries. The family health history and individual astrological Natal chart analysis will give you a comprehensive background from which to develop and fine tune the treatment protocol for your respective patient.

Obviously, the normal nuances of their body are required so as to discover the organ systems and channels that are involved in the HBF abberation(s) according to the manifest signs and symptoms. Some of your form modifications will be that of adding mental and emotional aspects to detail. This is where your knowledge of Homeopathy will come into play. It is definitely true that mental/emotional distrubances always preceed those of physiological and physical abberations.

3. Nutritional Status

The diet of your patient needs to be detailed and may involve giving your patient forms to take home so as to record the time, types, combinations and amount of the foods consummed. This will assist your determination of any Food Therapy that you might prescribe for your patient. Again, it will also help if you have them record the times of consumption. This will fit into the TCM 24 hour clock of Organ/Qi cycle and determine the times for your patient to consumme the foods that you have prescribed. This means that you will need to become a nutritionist as well, in order to better assist your patient.

4. Lifestyle

Many people have food addictions and will be reluctant to give up the foods that have contributed or might contribute to their predicament. Thus, you will need to be able to coach them through their withdrawl and rehabilitation if they truly want to kick their habit(s).

Also, your patient may have addictions to alcohol, nicotine, caffeine, prescribed medications and illegal substances. In reference to the last 2 items, your patient may be in denial or simply not tell the truth concerning their addiction. The patient may not come square with you until they have engendered a feeling of trust with you. You will need to be able to detect the subtle signs of their addiction(s).

Home circumstances, work situations, school issues and a mydiad of other environmental factors will need to be detailed. All will play a role in the manner in which the patient copes with their lives. Any adverse environmental situations will need to be discussed and a plan of action to cope with them determined that will suit the circumstances of your patient.

You must ask the patient about their sleeping arrangements and how their sleep progresses through the night. This is critical in cases of patients having been diagnosed with cancer. It will be necessary to dowse the sleeping area and re-arrange the bed in the bedroom to reflect the nature of the 3D Birkland current/geomagnetic field interactional matrix. In TCM, the use of feng shui is used to assist in this task. However, much of classical feng hui is sympathetic magic and you will need to use a discerning eye in the determination of useful constructs.

5. Environmental Influences

This is very important and most practitioners do not have the experience to ask the correct questions of their patients concerning the parameters involved. Inevitably, it is the phenomena of geopathic stressors that needs to be discovered and neutralized. This is especially important in the home arena. Electrical motors are extreamly harmful due to the adverse electromagnetic factors that are produced by them and sprayed into the local environment. This will be an aspect encountered mostly in the work setting while working around large motorized equipment for extended perods of time.

6. Interpersonal Interactions

The person and the people that the patient spends most of their time with will give you a clue as to the possible nature of some aspects of HBF abberations. A comparison of natal charts between partners will definitely show where the type(s) and quality of stressor(s) is/are being generated.

7. Life Goals

The reason that the patient comes to you is immediately for the relief of their symptomology. They may also come to you for assistance in loosing weight, stopping smoking, guidance for diet and other mental/emotional issues. Their long term goals will set the course of your administrations.

Patient Signs & Symptoms (S&S)

After a sufficient time for the above informational intake, it is relevant to request information as to just what is bothering the patient. This is followed by a back and forth discussion as to the nature of all of the S&S that the patient may display of a mental, emotional, physiological and physical nature. The physiological and physical S&S are comparatively easy to discern. The emotional and mental ones are not so straitforward. This is where your knowledge of Homeopathy will come in handy. You must become well acquainted with the protocol for finding the treatment needed for the S&S displayed by your patient. The protocol will show you the kind of questions that you should be asking and the relationship between mental/emotional disturbances to the HBF. In this manner, you may begin to make empirical correlations between patient S&S and HBF tie-ins with the meridians/channels.

Patient Treatment

Clinically you must seek to correct disharmony within the human body-field and/or remove discordant water structure harmonics ( Both Homeopathy ( and TCM are used in a patient treatment. Homeopathy was the first systemized western modality that utilized IM. Acupuncture ( was the first eastern and world modality that utilizes IM. One person shows that acupuncture is astrology with needles ( The usage of both modalities ensures a rapid return to health for your patient.

It is very important that you learn the difference between myth, ancient cosmological viewpoints, very ancient medical modalities and what modern science and empirical evidence coupled with practical clinical experience gives to you the clinician in these days and times. It is true that modern science has lifted the veil of so much ancient nonsense but still seems unable to grasp the basic tenets of IM. It does take some research to be able to separate the garbage from the hidden jewels within cultural expressions of healing modalities.

Electro-acupuncture according to Dr. Voll (EAV) utilizes the meridian system of acupuncture and is very effective in the alleviation of patient symptoms. EAV is the basis of bioresonance therapy ( and the direct modern precurser to IM. EAV is the mode that all of the energy therapy systems utilize and is exemplified by the Nutri-Energetics System( There are at least 8 different systems on the market today that utilize the pioneering work of Dr. Voll (

Getting your patient to address their lifestyle issues is going to be your most challenging issue. Also, the anchoring that you do with your treatment will most likely not hold for long and the patient will need to come back again for another treatment in 3 days, then 5 days and then weekly. After a couple to 3 weeks, they will need to come back monthy until you no longer see any further improvement physically and their emotional/mental S&S abate and stabilize.

The average treatment protocol only needs 15 to 20 seconds to make a positive effect. It is the anchoring that needs about 28 to 30 minutes to be effective due to patient expectations only. There are any number of anchoring techniques that may be used. You will need to explore them and find the ones that suit your style of treatment. The American Medical Association (AMA) has determined that 80% of patients that see MDs get better no matter what therapeutic modality is used with a patient. This is tied to the placebo effect ( Unfortunately, many supposed medical experts see IM as a placebo effect simply because they do not understand the biophysics of IM. Also, ideational intent is a very powerfull component of any mode of healing, make no mistake about that fact!

The use of the Cold Laser, i.e., low level laser, as a IM treatment modality is a lesser known one but gaining ground rapidly. Laser acupuncture relies upon similar dosage principles as needling, and knowledge of acupuncture theory and practice is required. Applied dosage is determined by manner of the intended effect, which is generally characterized as to stimulate or to sedate acupuncture points, Ashi Points, and Trigger Points. According to the Arndt-Schultz Rule, it can be seen that low dosages will stimulate and that higher dosages will sedate. Dosages of 0.5 to 2.5 J/cm sq are reported to be effective in the stimulation of superficial acupuncture points, with 2.5 to 5.0 J/cm sq being effective for deeper points and myofascial trigger points. Higher dosages (8 - 12 J/cm sq) are effective for the sedation of points.

The use of the cold laser is particularly suited for use with the 5 Shu points ( The intent of the traditional acupuncture protocol is to stimulate the Mother point of the namesake point of the meridian for a deficiency in that meridian or conversely to reduce the Son for an excess. The Spleen Meridian will be used as an example, for instance as if there was an excess condition in the Spleen Meridian. Since the namesake Shu point on the Spleen meridian is the Earth/Shu-Stream point Sp3, the Metal/Jing-River point Sp5 is to be reduced. Sp5 is the Son of the namesake point Sp3. If there is a deficiency, the Mother of the Sp3 point is to be stimulated, Sp2. Using the laser to reduce means to apply a dosage of 8-12 Joules/cm2. Conversely, a stimulatory dosage would be 0.5 to 5.0 Joules/cm2. Thus to stimulate the Mother point of the namesake in the meridian treated, apply a dosage of 4 Joules/cm2. In order to reduce the Son point of the namesake point in the meridian treated, apply a dosage of 10 Joules/cm2. This protocol is in accordance with the Arndt-Schultz Rule.

A Clinical Protocol For Monitoring
& Harmonizing The HBF Of A Patient

The author has not yet found any suitable information concerning this topic online and thus the author described the protocol that he uses when treating a patient. It may be found at the bottom of this webpage:

This protocol uses the HBF of the clinician to detect and harmonize the HBF disruptions within the HBF of the patient. This form of medical dowsing is not difficult to learn. The biggest issue is in maintaining a smooth HBF while the clinician conducts the protocol.


As you may understand by now, it is a very educated person that pratices IM. However, you as the clinician must also be very much aware of the state of your own body-field. This includes the means of dealing with adverse energy fields that you will encounter from your patients. The author practices grounding in addition to washing the hands before and after every patient. In addition, you as the person of clinical practice will need to stay abreast of medical information, astrology, homeopathy, oriental medicine, acupuncture and life in general. Those persons coming to you for assistance will need to be "patient" as you grow in depth and understanding of your chosen profession.