The Natural Properties Of Bio-Scalar Energies

E. F. Block
July 2011


All cellular living entities, including human beings, naturally produce bio-scalar energies. It is the ability to produce bio-scalar energy as needed that is the determiner of "aliveness". The author will describe what is known about the production of bio-scalar energy by the human body, the natural use of bio-scalar energy by the human body and the various cultural expressions of the study and exposition of concepts concerning bio-scalar energy.

Discussion - Background Information Relating To Physics

The concept of scalar energy was first described by James Clerk Maxwell (13 June 1831 - 5 November 1879) in 1873. His first equations describing electric and magnetic fields was in 1861 ( and's_equations ). His final effort was published in three papers grouped together in his book "Treatise on Electricity and Magnetism" published by Clarendon Press, Oxford, in 1873. It consisted of four parts, Electrostatics, Electrokinetics, Magnetism, and Electromagnetism that were to be read concurrently.

The key to Maxwell's equation in reference to scalar energy is the use of the Rho symbol in the last of the 4 equations, which stands for Scalar Charge Density, and thus representing that the existence of scalar energy was theoretically possible. It was almost half-century later before Nicola Tesla was actually able to demonstrate the existence of scalar energy. The term scalar was used by Nikola Tesla as a part of powerful non-Hertzian energy (i.e., without frequency) that he referred to as standing energy or cosmic waves. Nikola Tesla called it "Radiant Energy". Wilhelm Reich and others used the term "Orgone Energy" and "Tachyon Energy". In more modern times Harold Puthoff ( ) refers to it as "Zero Point Energy".

The properties of scalar energies are (1.) non- linear and (2.) non- Hertzian. This means that this type of energy is (3.) static and is not measurable by contemporary frequency instrumentation. Scalar energy does not radiate like waves as most traditional energy forms do. Instead it (4.) expands outwards in radiating circles of energy that fill the environment. It is (5.) unbounded and capable of passing through solid matter with no loss of intensity. Scalar energy has the (6.) capacity to carry information at a distance without decay. (7.) Scalar energy can regenerate and repair itself indefinitely. (8.) It implants its signature on solid objects. This property is particularly useful to those engaged in the healing modalities of Informational Medicine. Remember, modern day instruments that are designed to measure Hertzian frequencies and wavelengths cannot measure scalar energy. However, its effect on objects into which it has been embedded can be readily demonstrated with Kirlian photography ( ) or the Gas Discharge Visualization technique of Dr. Korotkov ( ).

Scalar energy can be generated in a number of ways: electronically, magnetically, physically, biologically or optically. Scalar energy is created when any 2 common electromagnetic waves (usually called the wave and its anti-wave) with the exact same properties come together from two opposite (exactly 180o out of phase in terms of time) converging vectors. When the wave vectors meet, the equal frequencies cancel each other out electrically & magnetically leaving behind a static or stationary form of energy with zero frequency and this is the Scalar Field or Zero Point Energy field.

Discussion - Background Information Relating To Healing

Healthful benefits from the conscious application of scalar energy:

  1. Reduces inflammation
  2. Prevents cell clumping/aggregation
  3. Enhances general circulation
  4. Enhances immune and endocrine system responses
  5. Has the ability to destroy viruses and bacteria
  6. Enhances cellular nutrition and detoxification
  7. Enhances cellular permeability
  8. Increases cellular voltage potential across the membrane (70-90 milliVolt range)
  9. Helps to protect DNA from damage
  10. Helps to retard the aging process
  11. Helps to fight cancer cells
  12. Strengthens the body's body-field, thus preventing electromagnetic wave interference
  13. Increases mental focus and concentration
  14. Helps to balances brain hemispheres

Remember, scalar energy can regenerate and repair itself indefinitely. This also has important implications for the body. In other words, once the charge is implanted, you can keep it there with the regular ingestion of properly charged food products and water solutions. If you habitually consume foodstuffs and water solutions that are contrary to your particular body-field as determined by your DNA/RNA complex, these will eventually deplete your bio-scalar energy field and your overall body-field since they will cause disharmony. This disharmony is the cause of dis-ease! Environmentally encountered geopathic stressors and electromagnetic stressors like 60 Hz alternating current can and do deplete the bio-scalar energy field of an individual. Electric motors embed scalar energies into foodstuffs and manufactured objects that also can deplete the bio-scalar energy of an individual.

The body uses bio-scalar energy to accomplish many things. If you stop the flow of electromagnetic energy, the field that is complexed with it also collapses. This is not the same with scalar energy fields. Your physical body is subtended by the chakra system and energy distribution system of nadis/meridians. The scalar energy that is generated by components of your physical body both maintains this system as well as being distributed by this same system. The components of your physical body that ultimately allow for the generation of bio-scalar energy are the DNA/RNA complexes of your chromosomes. This bio-scalar energy of any person can be depleted as noted above. This is why being in a peaceful and re-vitalizing setting in nature is so beneficial, it allows for your bio-scalar energy store to be refilled! Certain locations are known to actively participate in the expansion of the body-field (Aura) of people. An example of this is the Lourdes Grotto of Massabielle, France. Also, this bio-scalar energy is not the same as the high-energy content phosphate bonds of adenosine triphosphate (ATP) that is necessary for cellular metabolism and biochemical reaction. It is this bio-scalar energy field that is again, culturally known as the "Aura".

Discussion - Cultural Expressions of Bio-Scalar
Production & Use

There are 3 primary areas of ancient bio-scalar research, development and formalized cultural expression. These areas are what are known now as China, India and the Middle East/West. However, even before these 3 areas were settled and attained a modicum of civilization, the various modes of Shamanism throughout the world were the actual starting point for this natural phenomenon.

Healing and the use of scalar energy for healing are probably as ancient as the evolution of hominid species since the geological time known as the Crustaceous. Evidence for such are indicated at the site of remains of both Neanderthal and Cro-Magnon peoples. The reason for this is that energy work is central to all Shamanistic rituals ( ) the world over.

The use of the term "Prana" to describe the energy that infuses the human body and is distributed via the nadis of the body is that of the sub-continent of India. This term is essential to the cultural expression known as Yoga. The Yogis of what is now known as India were the first to conceptualize a meditative practice that had the express purpose to cultivate and use Prana for a variety of purposes. The development of Aurveydic ( ) medicine has at the core the concept that ill health is due to the blockage of the free flow of Prana throughout the physical body via the nadis system.

In what is now known as China, the medical practice of Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) was developed out of the meditative practice of medical Qi Gong ( ). Qi is the energy that infuses the physical body and is distributed to the physical body via the channels/meridian system. Here also, the cause of illness is stated to be the blockage of the free flow of Qi throughout the physical body via the channels/meridians.

In the Middle East/West the idea of a source of energy that infuses the living body dates from before the time of Hippocrates of Kos ( ). The medical Caduceus is the symbol for this energy. A Sorcerer is one that seeks to know, understand and use this Source for various tasks. Sadly, the medical aspects of this work in the West seem to have been earlier suppressed by the catholic church and later by the scientific community. The pioneering work by Dr. Franz Anton Mesmer ( ) was suppressed as un-scientific. This has also been the case for Dr. Karl, Baron von Reichenbach ( ), Dr. Wilhelm Reich ( ), Dr. Samuel Hahnemann ( ) and others ( ). However, the reality of nature trancends the vanity of powermongers.

If TCM and Aurveydic medicine did not work, their practice would not have lasted for the millennia that it has! Only now, in small increments are the knowledge and understanding of bio-scalar phenomena being developed in the scientific community. This is because there is at present no scientifically sanctioned technological means of measuring this type of energy and thus, it does not exist! There are many people who adhere to the conspiracy theory that the policy of the government of the USA is to suppress all information about bio-scalar energy as well as to suppress all research into the field by denying any funding related to this phenomemon.

Discussion - The Personal Production and Use
of Bio-Scalar Energy

According to the ancient progenitors who developed the concept of what is now known as bio-scalar energy, meditation is the key to learning the what, why and how for gaining knowledge and understanding in the production of bio-scalar energy. This is particularly true for the practice of Qi Gong. The reason for this is that Qi Gong is also used in the practice of Chinese martial arts and all subsequent spin-offs. The soft martial art practice of Tai Chi Chuan ( ) is 1 means of learning to use bio-scalar energy for promoting balance and longevity. Bio-scalar energy can be used for ill as well as good! Again, it is intent that is paramount because the only difference between a magic spell and a holy prayer is intent. For this reason, all Qi Gong masters advise students to learn how to control bio-scalar energy and use it for healing before learning how to use it for killing.

Learning to meditate is not difficult as it is a naturally inherent process of consciousness, contemplating one's naval (Hara in the Japanese tradition or Dantian in the Chinese tradition) as it were. Most people reach a sufficient level of proficiency within 2 years of dedicated meditation in a monastic setting. The author began spontaneously meditating (Raja Yoga) at the age of 4 years, with no teacher present, and continues to do so. Please go to this link to learn how to meditate:

In TCM, there is a pair of acupuncture meridians ( ) known as the Du & Ren channels: Du means Governing Vessel and Ren means Conception Vessel. These 2 vessels control the flow of (+) Du and (-) Ren energies within the physical body. Du descends from the top of the head to the front of the Coccyx down the backside of the body and Ren ascends from in front of the anus to the top of the head along the front side of the body. The vessels meet in 2 places: at the anus below and at the mouth above. Thus, the energies of geomagnetism are strongest at Ren1, the area between the anus and the root of the sexual organs. Concomitantly, the energies of Sol are strongest at Du20. These energies mix, create bio-scalar energy and the resulting field expands outwards to produce the Aura.

In the schools of TCM in the USA, those in control of the curriculum and testing for certification have decreed that Du20 is located at the top of the head at the midline above the highest point of the tops of the ears at the junction of the Coronal and Sagittal sutures. Needling Du20 is indicated for headache, vertigo, tinnitus, nasal obstruction, aphasia by apoplexy, coma, mental disorders, prolapse of the rectum & uterus. Associated with this point, Du20, is an Extra Point cluster called Si Shen Cong. These 4 points are located 1 cun (about � inch or so) respectively posterior, anterior and laterally to Du20. Needling Si Shen Cong is indicated for headache, vertigo, insomnia, poor memory and epilepsy.

In the opinion of the author, Du20 is located instead at the juncture of the Sagittal and Lambdoid sutures; go to the Wikipedia link above to see the difference. These 5 points at the location of the author, the junction of the Sagittal and Lambdoid sutures and about � inch anterior, posterior and to either side laterally, are very important points for the production of bio-scalar energy and its distribution to the physical body. The central nervous system (CNS) in the head and spine is the responder to all outside information sources. The CNS also coordinates all responses by the conscious entity to the information received. This fact ensures survival in the environment in which the person lives. However, it is of import to this article to understand what is controlling and governing the flow of bio-scalar energies within the body. It seems that the control of bio-scalar energies begins at Du20 and progresses from Si Shen Cong; again, in the head region. The anterior/posterior points are tied to the Du & Ren vessels. The lateral 2 points are tied to the other 8 Extra meridians: ( )

At this point in the discussion will be an example of an exercise, discovered by the author, that you can easily do to feel the state of your bio-scalar energy coordination. In the shower, stand so that the spray hits your Du20 area. Feel your "groundedness" at your feet and where the legs meet below the groin. This will set up the exercise. Then rock back and forth and front to back just enough to alternatively hit the 4 Si Shen Cong points. The author feels a tingling sensation at this juncture. If you are balanced, there will be a sense of ease and smooth energy flow throughout the body. If you are unbalanced, there will be a brief tremor running throughout the body for 1 to 2 seconds that smoothes out into a sense of ease and now coordinated energy flow throughout the body. This is an easy and quick exercise to do that has great healthful benefits for anyone.


Bio-scalar energy attendant to the human body is what is known and viewed by some individuals as the aura. At this time there are only 2 known means of viewing the aura. The bio-scalar energy of the aura may be utilized by the body for many tasks but is absolutely necessary for being alive. The production of bio-scalar energy is mostly unconscious, controlled by the DNA/RNA complexes within the chromosomes via the meridian system. Bio-scalar energy production and utilization may be learned and used with conscious intent.

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