Political and Ethical Considerations of Informational Medicine

Political Considerations

We all know the adage that power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely. This seems to be a human behavioral condition. Those in power want to stay in power at any cost and by whatever means. Today the media (news and entertainment) is used to put us all in a trance state of submissibility. If you truely pay attention to the news, there is a process in place used to guide our behavior and entertainment is used to distract our attention from real issues. I have no problem with telling it like it really is in fact or in our socially constructed reality.

  1. Religious Suppression - All theocratic societies are fascistic in nature. Just look at the manner of the Catholic church in the assumption of education/learning, the deathly suppression of those in opposition to Papal theory/dictates throughout recorded history. Catholic priests ruthlessly stole the learning of peoples within their control and murdered them by first demonizing them as heretics and then burning them at the stake after getting what they wanted. Look at what the Catholic church did to Galileo and others striving to learn and disseminate the truths that they had discovered. Please, God, let us keep the separation of church and state! In all of the movies where some divine intervention is required, there is the Catholic priest/monsignor/bishop in play. Thus the church still interferes in the play of political events. The Catholic church still tries to control the situation in the manner that it wants. Amazingly, polititions actually listen to them. Jesus of Nazareth stated, "Render unto Caesar that which is Ceasar's and unto God that which is God's". The church, any church community, must have no direct active or hidden political influence whatsoever!
  2. Secular Suppression - The state of medicine in the USA is deplorable. The AMA and the ADA have the American public by the privates! The USA is the only Country in the World where an MD makes more that a middle income. The National Science Foundation controls the distribution of research funds. Between these 2 groups, the fate of higher education, alternative medicine? (medicine is medicine by any other name) and sanctioned therapy is promulgated. You should know that there is bad science and intentionally bad science just as there is good science. Look at the research into the effects of smoking upon the health of people as an example. It was never proved that smoking caused ill health because the early researchers conducting the research were paid by the corporations that made cigarettes. Astrology was an integral part of all university education until the age of enlightenment. Today, if you mention astrology, no scientist will take you seriously even though astrology is in fact behavioral genetics and existed long before there was the science known as genetics! Dr. Abrams became a multi-millionaire using Radionics (which he pioneered) to treat his ill patients with good effect. His work was deemed unscientific by those ignorant/stupid and politically suppressed to the extent of having peoples licenses to practice revoked. The placebo effect is powerful. The AMA states the 80% of all patients get better no matter what protocol the MD uses in treatment! Intent is a crucial part of Informational Medicine. Sorry, the above is scattered but I do not want to write much concerning this topic. Political suppression of effective healing techniques is real and happening today! Being Ignorant means not paying attention to something not deemed as important. Stupidity means not being able to learn. We must be able to un-learn in order to learn, acquire knowledge, gain understanding and profess wisdom.

Ethical Considerations

  1. Intent - Here the placebo effect plays a prominant role. The intent of the person giving the treatment and the expectations of the patient as to that intent are paramount! Sometimes the person just needs to be educated as to their condition and have stated the treatment. At that point, the healing will occur. The confidence of the practitianer will convince the patient.
  2. Gross Egotism - I have been in the presence of a number of people that practice Informational Medicine. I have noticed a tendency of some of those people to be so sure of their diagnostic powers and knowledge as to actually not to understand what is going on with their patient. Thus their treatment protocol was questionable. These people are not open to having their errors pointed out by anyone, they are God. I suggest that these people need to practice some humility. These people also need to learn how to ground themselves and become centered in their beingness, as most were not, in my opinion, due to observation during their diagnosis & treatment.
  3. Gross Commercialism - I have yet to understand why of all the various software/hardware equipment advertised for practitianers of Informational Medinine costs just slightly more that US$9000.00, is there some collusion going on? If you go to the websites of all those selling this equipment or using this equipment, all say that theirs is the best. I have to say that all are close but not quite there! Most focus on the electrical component of the electromagnetic spectrum and not the magnetic component. It is the magnetic component that is the key, see here. As to alternating current, it is the magnetic component that is the cause of EMF stress!

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