The Invisible Plague

E. F. Block
October 2011


It seems that there is an epidemic occurring worldwide in developed and developing nations. This epidemic is characterized by a disruption of human health with signs & symptoms of physical obesity and psychological depression. The cause of this phenomenon is not yet recognized by the scientific community at large. However, there are a few individuals that have the glimmer of conscious awareness that the cause is most likely that of electromagnetic pollution. This electromagnetic pollution is caused by the use of alternating current and the equipment that is energized by this man-made pollutant of the biosphere. As mankind is only able to see the "visible" component of the entire electromagnetic spectrum, this fact is the reason for the title "The Invisible Plague".

This article will attempt to clarify the interaction of the human physical, emotional and mental components of beingness with the various components of the electromagnetic spectrum. This will in part require a description of those components of the human body-field, the physiological organ systems and the biochemical reactions of metabolism involved in the disruption of overall integration of the human organism that eventually results in the symptoms of disease. According to Hans Geirtz [1], from a theoretical point of view there is no difference between the dynamic electromagnetic processes in otitis bacteria, herpes virus, cancer tumour and that of radio input functionality (i.e. an oscillator). The electromagnetic entity of organisms is theoretically identical to that of the electromagnetic entity of a radio, TV or mobile phone. This is a consequence of the laws of physics being general, they do not distinguish between an organism or a radio. Novel management of infectious diseases is primarily a matter of handling electromagnetic processes, complemented by knowledge of chemistry and medicine.

The concepts to be put forth are in a constant state of flux and in need of clarification and refinement. Such is the nature of all scientific research efforts. However, it is hoped by the author that this article will serve as a wake-up call and point the way for a more concerted research effort in the scientific community to elucidate the nature of this contemporary pervasive and invisible plague.

One of the issues that will need to be addressed eventually is the fact that electrical power consumption is used as a measure of economic development and thus Gross National Product (GNP). Also, the government of the United States of America loves it's intelligence gathering toys, all energized by electrical power and utilizing all kinds of electromagnetic frequencies. It used to be that the three most electromagnetically polluted cities in the USA were Washington, D.C., San Diego, CA and Honolulu, HI, due to the very high concentration of communication antennae. Thus, the abatement of electromagnetic pollution may be ground under the steam roller of National Security.

What is a person able to do, in order to reduce and recover from the effects of electromagnetic pollution? The answer to this question is subject to all kinds of commercial manipulation and exploitation. However, there are many real solutions to this crucial question.


Part One - Electromagnetic Phenomena

A very detailed account of the electromagnetic spectrum may be found here [2] and the characterization of electromagnetic fields here [3].

Essentially, electromagnetic radiation consists of simultaneously interacting, self-sustaining electric and magnetic fields that propagate through empty space at the speed of 299,792 km per second. Thermonuclear reactions in the cores of stars yield the energy that radiates primarily in the form of electromagnetic radiation. These waves cover a wide spectrum of frequencies from the very short Cosmic Rays to the very long Radio Waves. Sunshine is a familiar example of electromagnetic radiation that is naturally emitted by our sun, Sol. Starlight is the same thing from "suns" that are much farther away. Visible light is but a small part of the overall electromagnetic spectrum that reaches the surface of the Earth.

When a direct current is applied to a wire, a conductor of electrons, the electron current flow generates an electromagnetic field around the wire, propagating perpendicularly to the wire, moving away from the wire outward in a wave. When the current flow ceases, the electromagnetic field generated also collapses. As the field collapses, one electromagnetic wave is generated that propagates perpendicularly away from the wire in all directions simultaneously. If the current is applied to the wire and removed repeatedly over a period of time, or if the applied current is made to alternate its polarity with a uniform period of time (as in alternating current), a series of waves is propagated at a discrete frequency. This phenomenon is the basis of what we know as man-made electromagnetic radiation.

Electromagnetic radiation is propagated nominally in a straight line at the speed of light in a vacuum, and does not require a medium for transmission. It is slowed as it passes through a medium such as air, water, glass, etc. The amount of energy arriving at a detecting device of fixed area located at a given distance from a radiating source is directly proportional to the amount of energy passing the surface of an imaginary sphere with a radius of the given distance. Therefore, the amount of electromagnetic energy passing through a unit area decreases with the square of the distance from the source. This relationship is known as the inverse-square law of electromagnetic propagation. It accounts for loss of signal strength over distance traveled and is called "space loss".

More concerning the fundamentals of electromagnetic phenomena may be found here [4].

Part Two - The Natural Environment of the Biosphere

There are two major influences of an electromagnetic nature that exist in our natural environment. One is the electromagnetic flux received from interstellar space and Sol. The other is the magnetic flux due to the dynamo of the Earth. Both of these influences play a major role in the life of all living entities.

While the force of gravity causes matter to accumulate into an overall ball like shape, it is the distribution of matter within the ball that is important to us living upon the Earth. The Earth has a molten core due to the compressive force of gravity upon which floats cooler crustal plates. The iron laden molten core acts like a dynamo [5] and concurrently generates a magnetic field [6] due to the rotation of the Earth about its axis. The Earth is thus a type of DC motor. The magnetic core is 880 miles in diameter and solid magnetite. The solid magnetic core is surrounded by a diameter of forty five hundred miles of liquid magnetite magma. Relatively speaking the crust is thinner than an eggshell at twenty to sixty miles thick, and contains the whole spectrum of the periodic table. It is interesting to note that the core spins at one rate while the crust spin at another. It is possible that whorls in the magma are partially responsible for the weather patterns, in addition to the Coriolis effect [7]. Most of the surface of the earth is composed of sand (doped silicon dioxide), roughly 30% free of water, upon which there is mostly ocean/sea water, roughly 70%, full of mineral ions. Recall that ocean tides are influenced primarily by the gravitational pull of the Moon. Sol is the second strongest effect of gravity on the surface of the Earth. The Earth is in an elliptical orbit around the Sun. The Sun accounts for eighty percent of the mass of our solar system, thus Sol has a very strong effect in general in the distribution of matter in the Solar System.

The magnetic field of the Earth extends some distance from the molten core through the crustal plates and into the biosphere [8] and atmosphere. The main field components vary slowly in time and space [9]. They can be grossly described as that of a bar magnet with north and south poles deep inside the Earth with magnetic field lines that extend well out into space. The NOAA national Geophysical Data Center has more information [10] concerning the Earth's magnetic field. Some research suggests that the oceans contribute to Earthly magnetic field variations [11]. This website has a detailed description of solar wind perturbations affecting Earthly matters [12]. This article is a source for gaining a very good background understanding of the current state of geomagnetic knowledge [13].

In the biosphere, it was thought that the only electric phenomena are lightening strikes and static electric charge generated by weather. Since all chemical reactions involve the movement of electron pairs and sometimes single electrons, matter has many types of electromagnetic fields generated by the myriad compounds that comprise the bulk of the Earth and all living organisms that inhabit the many ecological niches found there. However, these matter-electromagnetic influences align themselves within the overall constantly generated dynamic magnetic field of the Earth.

However, the work of Hans Geirtz [1] has shown that air contains electromagnetic energy of extremely low frequency, low amplitude as well as low phase speed. The Earth rotates within the solar wind and generates currents in the magnetosphere known as the Birkland currents. These currents propagate towards the Earth surface with a 24-hour period. These currents in turn generate plane traverse electromagnetic waves , also with a 24-hour period, that propagate along the geomagnetic field lines. These electromagnetic waves create a current in the air that has been shown to be used by living entities.

Thus, one of the dominant field influences for living entities on the Earth is that of the magnetic field component of quantum electrodynamics. All living entities are made up of elements [14] and compounds from the Earth (and perhaps some from meteors that have collided with the Earth) and the atmosphere surrounding the Earth. The physical matter that makes up the bodies of living entities has been formed within the magnetic field of the Earth. The elements and compounds that make up matter have various degrees of magnetic susceptibility [15].

The relative positions of the components that make up the Solar System present a cyclic distribution of matter and attendant gravitometric and magnetic influences. This cyclic phenomenon sets the backdrop for all rhythmic influences impinging upon the Earth from the other components of the Solar System, from the galaxy and from the universe. This is but one of the essential natures of celestial mechanics. It is this dynamic and rhythmic interplay of matter and magnetic influences of all the member components of the Solar System that plays a huge role in the behaviors of all living entities here upon the Earth.

Apart from the natural background electromagnetic and magnetic influences that all life evolved within is the advent of electromagnetic pollution world wide since about the 1880's . The fight by Thomas A. Edison to get direct current to be the public utility frequency was subverted by George Westinghouse and alternating current became the norm worldwide [16].

The USA and Canada utilize alternating current of 60 Hz to power electrical equipment. A chart detailing the mains frequency of countries around the world may be found here [17]. Electrical motors are used to convert electrical power into mechanical power. Thus, electrical motors are ubiquitous in the working environment. The import of this fact will be detailed below. At home, stoves, refrigerators, TV, computers, game modules, microwave ovens, toasters, hair driers and heaters contribute to electromagnetic pollution.

There are other Earthen energies that are more like energetic walls that arise from deep in the earth but also reach miles above the surface. Two of these were discovered by European medical Doctors. These are called the Hartmann & Curry Grids. The Hartmann Grid [18] demonstrates that a geomagnetic field is composed of active (+) or (-) and neutral zones, the active areas being lines 21cm wide with the neutral zone lying between the lines. The lines run in a North/South and East/West grid, and are about 2.0m apart on the North/South axis and 2.5m apart on the East/West axis, in the temperate zone. The Curry Grid [19] runs along the direction of North-East/South-West & North-West/South-East, also with active (+) or (-) and neutral zones. During the day, the width of the irritant zones amounts to 33 cm, and at night to about 100cm! Seemingly, the strongest irritant radiation takes effect between midnight to 03.00 A.M. These grids are supposedly responsible for a major part of geopathic stress, especially where the double (+) or (-) lines meet. The work of various medical doctors confirm that the incidence of arthritis, rheumatism and cancer are tied to these geopathic stressors. Much of the work concerning these energies is controversial and much information may be found online with your favorite search engine.

A description of energetic chimneys and vortexes that arise from the Earth, and their effects, may be found here [20].

There is a very important group of frequencies in the Extra Low Frequency range that are extremely important in the affairs of human beings. These are the Schumann Resonances [21] and [22]. These resonances are produced by the 1000 or so electrical storms at any one time upon the Earth and are the result of weather. The cavity that resonates to create this series of frequencies is the ionospheric portion of the atmosphere. The main frequency that is produced is 7.83 Hz along with a number of harmonic frequencies that are a multiple and subset of the main frequency [23]. More on the Schumann Resonances in Part Three.

Part Three - Human Anatomy, Physiology, Behavior and the Human Body-Field

Living entities have bodies that are made up of matter derived from the atmosphere, waters and crust of the Earth. Because of this fact, all living entities have an "aura" or body-field that is the sum of all the components of the body. This is also the same as for all non-living matter. All matter, whether living or non-living has a field due to the sum total of all sub-components that go to make up the total composite field. Thus, the fields of all living entities must be in resonant coherence with the background environmental influences. This means that the developmental processes at work in the production of the physical body of the living entity must eventually generate the composite body-field that is in resonance with the environment and the means to maintain that balanced resonance throughout life. The formation of the human physical body is a very highly organized series of events that proceeds through about 270 days from fertilization of the ovum to birth of the fetus [24]. All of the matter that goes into the making of the physical structure of the developing body of the fetus comes from the physiology and metabolism of the mother. The overall development of the fetus is governed by the DNA/RNA complex in the nuclei of individual cells. The sum total of all the cells work in concert to produce a morphogenic field within which the physical, non-living structures form. This non-living component of the body provides the framework within which those cells will live in the internal sea of your body.

The physical body is organized into various compartments [25] by the Extracellular Matrix. Essentially, your body is a tube within a tube held in position by elements of the extracellular matrix [26]. The organ systems are made up of groups of cells called a tissue. The tissues may be simple or of a complex nature and tissues may combine to form an organ. These organs have specific roles in the overall physiology of the organism. These organs reside within the various compartments of the body as provided by and within the extracellular matrix. These compartments are tied together by the vascular and nervous systems that make use of channels between compartments as provided by the extracellular matrix. The meridians of traditional Chinese medicine, the nadis of Yoga and the various energies that go to make up the human body-field (see below) travel within these extracellular matrix channels form compartment to compartment in a specified manner [27].

The very first tissue to develop from the seemingly amorphous blastodisc that will become the fetus [28] is the progenitor of the nervous system. This fact emphasizes the importance that the nervous system plays in the life of multicellular organisms. The nervous system is the organ system that receives information from the environment, processes that information and then initiates the appropriate response to that information. The nature of the information received may be of an electromagnetic, gravitometric, geomagnetic, weather and man-made origin. The Nervous System has 2 major components, the Central Nervous System (CNS) and the Peripheral Nervous System (PNS). The CNS has 2 major subdivisions, the CNS itself and the Autonomic Nervous System (ANS). The ANS is composed of 2 major divisions, the Sympathetic and the Parasympathetic Nervous Systems. The Sympathetic Nervous System is responsible for behaviors described as "Fight or Flight" and the Parasympathetic Nervous System is responsible for behaviors described as "Eat & Sleep". The Peripheral Nervous System has 2 major divisions located within the surfaces of the skin and the gut. The skin components are responsible for the reception of all environmental stimuli of a mechanical, temperature and pain nature [29]. This information is passed on to the CNS. The 2nd major division of the Peripheral Nervous System is called the Enteric Nervous System and is the "Brain" in your gut![30] Some label the ENS as part of the Autonomic Nervous System. This 2nd brain is responsible for coordinating the reception, digestion, absorption and elimination of all consumed foodstuffs. The CNS and ENS are connected by the Vagus Nerve. However, if the vagus nerve is severed, the ENS continues to function normally with no loss of efficiency.

The CNS is the receptor of both electromagnetic and geomagnetic frequencies. The ENS is the receptor of geomagnetic frequencies [31]. Both are entrained by the human body-field that is projected by the sum total of all the individual cells of the body as the morphogenic field. A very detailed description of the Human Body-Field may be found here [32] & here [33].

As alluded to above, the importance of the role of the Schumann Resonances (SRs) in the well-being of the psychology and physiology of the human primate animal can not be overstated! The significance of the SRs in providing the entrainment of CNS processes to set oscillatory frequencies generated by the atmosphere and weather of the Earth essentially precludes man living anywhere else in the universe, or as a very remote possibility. This fact was demonstrated very starkly in the beginning stages of space exploration by human astronauts. Yuri Gregarin was the first astronaut and he returned in near critical health condition after only one hour and forty eight minutes in space. Clearly there was some vital element missing in space that humans receive on earth. The flight was less than 2 hours so he really only needed oxygen. So what was missing? Well you may say gravity and yes you would be correct, but we can survive in near weightless environments here on earth (in water floation tanks for example) for just a few hours. The critical missing element was determined to be the SRs and since that first flight, pulsed magnetic devices generating 7.83 Hz have been used in every space suit and space station. Further studies have been done on earth (zero field studies) with both laboratory animals and human subjects. It was found is that just in a matter of hours with no exposure to SRs, cell metabolism begins to break down causing bone loss, muscle weakness, depressed metabolism, disorientation and depression. This research has conclusively shown that SRs are necessary and required for health just as is food, water, oxygen and to some extent sunlight. This article briefly details current information concerning the health effects of the SRs [34].

Part Four - The Invisible Plague

This subject is fraught with controversy. Use your favorite search engine to find out information concerning EMFs and health effects. There is a lot of good, useful information that you can use to educate yourself and protect yourself.

All animal species have the ability to align themselves with the ambient magnetic field of the Earth [35] and [36]. It is well known that livestock orient their movement, grazing and bedding behavior according to the vagaries of the local environmental Earthly magnetic field [37] and that electromagnetic field influences from power lines disrupts this sense.

Apart from the natural background electromagnetic and magnetic influences that all life evolved within is the advent of electromagnetic pollution since about the 1880's world wide. The fight by Thomas A. Edison to get direct current to be the public utility frequency was subverted by George Westinghouse and alternating current became the norm worldwide.

The USA and Canada utilizes alternating current of 60 Hz to power electrical equipment. A chart detailing the mains frequency of countries around the world may be found here [17]. Electrical motors are used to convert electrical power into mechanical power. Thus, electrical motors are ubiquitous in the working environment. The import of this fact will be detailed below. At home, stoves, refrigerators, TV, computers, game modules, microwave ovens, toasters, hair driers and heaters contribute to electromagnetic pollution.

The National Institute for Occupational Health and Safety has a lot to say about Electromagnetic Fields (EMFs) and health, most of it is the typical cover-your-ass-and-reassure-the-public-so-the-government- can-not-be-sued propaganda. The author has personally attended meetings where the main concern of corporations and governmental bureaucrats is that upon admission of these effects, which they have been aware of since the days of WW II, they would be open to staggering amounts of litigation by persons harmed or their families. This so clouds their thinking that they steadfastly deny any such effects. Thus cancer and other diseases of biochemical derangement are culling the population of those whose bodies are not able to cope with this insult and therefore die.

Anyone would have difficulty believing that EMF has deleterious effects. The effects are hardly noticeable and not immediate and this makes it difficult to see cause and effect. The effects are most noticeable if the body is weakened. This is true with all stressors. The body has more difficulty in maintaining rheostasis (a more correct term than homeostasis). The same happens with the elderly as their energy levels are lower and recuperative powers lessened. The effects upon children are more acute since they are still developing.

The following details the direct experience of the author in regards to 50 Hz & 60 Hz electromagnetic pollution [38]. Living in the country is a very good way to eliminate unwanted EMF. This must be done with the nearest AC transmission line and step-down transformer at least 5 miles away. How many of us want to live this way? In the summer of 1975, I moved from living in San Diego, CA to Auckland, New Zealand. San Diego at the time was rated as one of the three cities in the USA most polluted by EMF (the other two being Honolulu, HI and Washington, DC). The USA is on a 60 Hz AC grid and New Zealand is on a 50 Hz AC grid. I immediately noticed a more calm and restful feeling upon the first few weeks in Auckland. During the summer if 1977, I got the opportunity to stay at a property that had never been forested, 309 acres, for 3 months. This was just south of the town of Kaitaia, Northland, NZ near the northern tip of the North Island. The nearest AC transmission line and step-down transformer was 5 miles away. When I returned to Auckland, for a period of about one month, I felt as if my brain was not functioning properly. I found it difficult to concentrate, to be clear headed and to feel at ease. Then I returned to the USA, to San Diego, CA again in the summer of 1978. The period of non-optimal brain functioning lasted for three months until I again became used to and adapted to the EMF of the area. This demonstrated to me that electropollution is very real and pervasive in our modern world of developed nations.

The above statements are confirmed by the work of Dr. Robert O. Becker and Dr. Andrew Marino. Dr. Marino has published a book that details 40 years devoted to exposing the governmental coverup [39]. Dr. Marino is also a lawyer and here [40] describes his reasons for writing his book, this work is so important for the layman in gaining perspective as to just what is science and how it is used by government bureaucracies to manipulate policy!

This publication details the European response to electropollution [41] that is much different than that of the USA!

This website has a very detailed account of EMFs up to the year 1999 [42] during concern about AC transmission lines being built through a community in Canada.

Thus, the effects of electromagnetic pollution is very real and has been described in detail [43], [44] and [45]. This website has a very good compilation of the effects of EMF producers and their deleterious effects [46].

This website has many good tips for reducing your EMF exposure [47]. The simplest method is to live in an area that is devoid of EMF, hardly practical in developing and developed nations.

The results of all unbiased scientific research show that the CNS is the organ most affected and the resulting diseases that develop are the result of a disruption of normal physiological processes coordinated by the CNS in some manner. The first immediate effects show up in a negative change in mental processes and emotional well-being. This is posited as the cause for the surge in clinical depression in developing and developed nations. This article posits that electropollution is possible responsible for the epidemic of obesity in developing and developed nations [48]. The deposition of belly fat is a direct result of adrenal stress! This article demonstrates that chronic stress is responsible for both clinical depression and fat accumulation in stressed patients[49].

This article gives a brief but through history of bio-resonance based medicine [50]. There has been a concerted effort by medical societies and governments to suppress research and clinical expression of bio-resonance therapies worldwide but especially in Western countries. Ultimately, the reason that bio-resonance therapies have not gone away is that the actually do work! So I ask you, just whom are the dinosaurs here?

This article demonstrated that the common ground for both modern Western medicine and Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) is peripheral neuropathy [51]. The reason for this is that the nervous system is the ultimate anatomical coordination system of the human body. Anything that disrupts the nervous system will manifest as disease, eventually in the physiology and tissues of the body. The list of symptoms of peripheral neuropathy by modern Western medicine was detailed as the causes of disease by TCM and was the basis of diagnosis & treatment in TCM more that 2 millennia ago! These same signs & symptoms are in use today in TCM.

These articles give a great review of the scientific literature concerning studies on the effects of magnetics on physical diseases [52 and 53].

This article gives a very detailed outline of the Goepathic Stressors problem and research that has been done to confirm their effects [54]. I wonder why the scientific and medical communities continue to ignor these findings?

What can you do to reduce your electopollution burden? The most extreme method is to live in the country at lease 5 miles away from electrical transmission lines and transformers, as stated above. The others is to move the object, equipment or whatever as far from your physical body as possible. Please remember that the effects of EMF decrease as the square of the distance from the source. Perhaps the most important is to dowse your home and determine the areas that need to be avoided. There is a lot of information by those wanting to make a profit from your ignorance out there so please, Caveat Emptor - Let the Buyer Beware! Go to your favorite search engine and search for methods that make sense to you and be sure to ask others that might be in the know for their opinion. Again, it seems that almost everyone has a hidden agenda, so be careful with your money.


The most obvious conclusion is that electromagnetic pollution is the stressor directly responsible for the growing health crisis in the developed and developing world. The epidemic of obesity and psychological depression are the direct result of this electromagnetic pollution. This website details the natural Earth Energies quite well [55]. Both Earth Energies and EMFs are responsible for causing disease in humans. Both are also part of the Invisible Plague.



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