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Edward F. Block IV, PhD


The conundrum that has enmeshed what is called the body of modern knowledge of "Science" is simply that those, in this world, that practice science and those that call themselves scientists are seemingly incapable of wisdom. It takes both knowledge and understanding to achieve wisdom. Modern scientists have no understanding, only knowledge!

The development of the use of the scientific method to conduct research in the late middle ages was developed in order to supposedly eliminate the possibility of personal bias creeping into those same research efforts. Early scientists began the search for the method of quantifying the material world according to the concepts and hypotheses of the time. A completely mechanistic methodology was adopted and the "Vitalists" were not invited. Consequently, science became quite adept at quantification of natural phenomena but totally lacked a sense of the qualification of natural phenomena.

Quantification is a left brain arena of activity. Left brain is male oriented. Qualification is a right brain arena of activity. Right brain is feminine oriented. Early science was the purview of males only. Thus, the bias towards knowledge only at the expense of understanding is not a mystery. The "Vitalists" were right brain thinkers and had the understanding of natural phenomena but not the knowledge to back up their claims.

Essentially, the left-brain thinkers developed the technology and equipment that supported their quantification efforts. The development of equipment to qualify natural phenomena was totally ignored since "no such thing existed in the first place!" However, according to the Immortal Bard, "A Rose by any other name is still a Rose!"

Balanced brain activity results in behavior that is also balanced. Balanced brain activity leads to wisdom. A construct of knowledge blended with understanding yields wisdom. To truly have wisdom about all natural phenomena requires both qualification and quantification of the phenomena being observed and researched.


At the heart of this discussion is phenomenon of electromagnetism. Electromagnetism is 1 of 4 fundamental forces described by modern physics. These fundamental forces are: 1. the Strong Force acting within the nuclear region of an atom, 2. the Weak Force acting within the nuclear region to rearrange the wavicles of the nuclear region into the most stable configuration, 3. the Gravitational Force to cause the attraction of matter into conglomerate masses, and 4. the Electromagnetic Force as the interaction of wavicles at a distance. Any absorption of energy by the wavicles, outside of the nuclear region that comprise an "atom", expands the influence of those wavicles into areas more remote to the center of the entire atomic configuration. As this energy dissipates, for whatever purpose, the wavicle components collapse into the most energetically stable configuration closer to the nuclear region. As this collapse occurs, there is released by the wavicles a burst of electromagnetic energy. This electromagnetic energy emitted is comprised of 2 components that radiate outward from the wavicle that generated the electromagnetic pulse. This radiation may be linear in character or spherical in nature or both. As stated, the electromagnetic wave front is composed of 2 components that have a 900 angular relationship to each other. One is characterized as magnetic and the other is characterized as electric.

Now, for the author, to the really interesting part!

The study of magnetic phenomena precedes that of electric phenomena. Magnetite was encountered by early man and had attributed to it "magical" properties. During the middle ages, electric phenomena began to be seriously investigated. Eventually, it was noticed that moving a magnet through the loops of a coil generated an electric current. From that point on, the technology of electronics blossomed. Magnetism was relegated to making motors and them essentially languished. A signal wave was inserted onto a carrier wave and the radio was born. This concept of incorporating a signal wave onto a carrier wave has spawned all the modern electronic communication devices.

But what happened to magnetism? Other than looking for magnetic monopoles, not much. Magnetism is used for containment of the plasma utilized for fusion. Also, magnetic repulsion is used for levitation of transportation devices. No one other than the "Fools", decreed by so called enlightened scientific minds, concerned with Psychic phenomena even cares about what qualitative properties magnetic phenomena might possess. If the electric component of electromagnetic phenomena has informational content, then what might have the magnetic component?

Sadly, there is no technologically developed means of determining qualitative informational content of electromagnetic phenomena that is sanctioned by the "scientific" community. Kirlian Photography and Gas Discharge Visualization equipment is, so far, the only means of qualifying the electromagnetic bio-field of the human body. The human bio-field is the bio-magnetic field generated by the sum total of the matter contained by the physical structure of the human body. Native electric phenomena of the physiology of the physical structure of the body is achieved by the exclusion, distribution and movement of mineral ions, but also some organic ions, throughout the body.

The "Aura" or the human body-field is bio-magnetic in character. This aura has informational content. The type of energy that moves through the body is characterized as 1. ATP (adenosine-triphosphate) used to accomplish biochemical reactions and 2. bio-scalar energy that is used to maintain harmony of the matter complex of the physical structure of the body. The informational content of the aura determines the distribution and movement of this bio-scalar energy. This is the quality that is missing from formal "scientific" research investigations.

Man has learned to manufacture the substances found in the biota of the Earth. Nature makes only laevorotatory substances. The manufacturing practices of mankind makes a racemic mixture of both laevorotatory and dextrorototary compounds. The living entities of the Earth are able to utilize only the laevorotatory component, due to the laevorotatory nature of the enzyme systems used to accomplish molecular transformations.

Analytical chemistry is able to identify the quantitative aspects of the natural and manmade compounds. These persons maintain that there is no difference between "natural" and "manmade" substances. The origin of this assertion is due to the fact that there is no "scientifically" valid means of determining the quality of the substances being analyzed.

The only means, at present, of determining the quality of substances is the effects that these substances have on the viability of living systems. This is not something that "scientists" are willing to concede. However, if you speak with those involved in the culture of cells from living systems in vitro, very few "manmade" substances are used. Almost all of the materials used are derived from other living systems. Otherwise, the cells will not grow!

An example will be now be given in order to demonstrate just what the author is describing. This is the difference between Mineral Salt and Solar Sea Salt. Both are formed by the application of heat. In the case of mineral salt, the heat of compression within the tectonic plates of the Earth. In the case of Solar Sea salt, the heat is provided by Solar radiation. The qualitative difference between the 2 means of generation is huge! It is possible to make a case for the difference being due to Yin (Earthly) heat or Yang (Solar) heat. In any case, it is the effect upon living systems that is the issue. The author has used Solar Sea Salt for many years. Indeed, when the author was younger, he was disposed to high blood pressure, as it runs in his family. He stopped consuming Mineral Salt and his blood pressure came down to its now manageable level. Whenever he eats a meal containing Mineral Salt, his blood pressure rises. The Mother of the author also has high blood pressure, at this time, and is taking a combination of 2 diuretics in order to achieve manageable levels. The author takes her blood pressure every morning. She does not have high blood pressure and consumes only Solar Sea Salt. The Solar Sea Salt does not interfere with the pharmacological effect of the diuretics. If she consumes Mineral Salt in her meal, such as that found in a restaurant, her blood pressure is alwys elevated the next day.

Solar Sea Salt is not the same as that of simply taking Sea water and boiling it off. This method makes Sea Salt that is of the same quality as that of Mineral Salt. Always look for Solar Sea Salt or Sun Evaporated Sea Salt on the label of the container!


Modern scientific bodies of knowledge are doing a great disservice to humanity. The persons responsible for creating modern scientific dogma are simply stupid. Being stupid means not being able to learn. These ignorant people spout their ridiculous dogma without any understanding whatsoever! Unfortunately, most people listen to these "experts". Modern medical science is slowly taking the credit for the knowledge and understanding pioeered by Naturopths, Homeopaths and Acupuncturists. They are stealing knowledge still without any understanding and the scientfic constructs that are employed by them in conducting "scientific" research are very seriously flawed.

Wake up, and find out for yourself the reality of right brain conceptual thinking and understanding. Remember, knowledge plus understanding equals wisdom!

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